Sunday, September 14, 2008

Justy's wedding to Gretchen was teeming with Nature as they were married outdoors in cutting gardens at Mohonk Mountain House, expansive Victorian hotel/castle built on ledges of large rock formations at jaunty angles.
As is customary, it was an assemblage of old and new friends, and families. Tossed into a social situ. As the MMH is Quaker, no alcoholic bevvies are served upstairs and Yours Truly was scolded for carrying a glass of water into what appeared to be a large and empty dining room. This is a room for reflection and spiritual gatherings, YT was told, and therefore no food or beverages are permitted. Other rooms were alright, as was the veranda, but water is not permitted in that one room.
So YT slunked off with water back to the veranda with one of the Jens.
And yes, oatmeal was served at the breakfast buffet - I'd wondered if it would be as oats has Quaker, usually, written all over it, with graphic of that Santa-looking Quaker.
It was fab to see the Brooklyn/Boat crew all in one spot, as well as Justy's fam members.
Some were on first dates, some were discreetly self-medicating, some were reconnecting, some were casually networking.
Downstairs, in the dining room (obviously not a spot for gathering for spiritual purposes) we were allowed to have adult drinks.
Justy is happy, Gretchen is happy, and hopes that all stays that way for a long time.
These are two images made by YT (Justy wished me to be a guest, and not have to work and I do hope they receive snap-happy images from their hired photog) yesterday, documenting Big Love.

Big Love Love.