Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here is Yours Truly with her new pal, Stanley.
Went to Albright-Knox's pro sporto Hockey Night last night and saw wonderful large-scale hockey-themed Polaroids by David Levinthal that I need to look at again.
Mish got us VIP tix so we could eschew the whole timed-tix matter and march to nearer the Cup. As we waited in the subterranean hallway of Clifton Hall, got to look at the Levinthals as well as some other Hall of Fame images like a 70s-era photo of Schoney.
Inside Clifton Hall we teammates were allowed thirty minutes with the famed memorabilia which had been driven down from TO.
Saw Stephen Brereton, the Canadian Consulate General, as well as a throng - many in Sabres regalia. One teen had a jersey, presumably a Briere, with rows of masking tape and the Sharpied name Miller atop.

Being allowed to touch the Stanley Cup created a nice gentle fervor, people awaiting their turn to touch and be documented doing so. Others studied the names, maybe even making some macro images of same.
Some other images from there.
Off to a nice personal art project to keep those juices flowing.

Flowing, loving lava Love.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy Mill Fill Day to You.
Happy Mill Fill Day to You.
Happy Mill Fill Day to Yoooouu ...
Happy Mill Fill Day to You.

Today is the, uhh, according to the calculations of Yours Truly, 207th birth anniversary of Millard Fillmore, US President 13, a Whigguh, and late in his career a founder of the Big U of the Middling City.
His alleged final statement before shuffling from Buffalo to the other big U's (Universe's) Nether Regions was "The nourishment is palatable," regarding some soup someone had slipped him on a deathbedly spoon.

This image, You may wonder, is a pretty wreath laid at the monument of Fillmore. Each year there's a gathering at this monument in Forest Lawn Cemetery and wreaths are presented by the President of the U.S., Buffalo Club, and Forest Lawn.
There were three tiny flags in front of the obelisk, quite poetic in their diminutive statement, thrust into the thawed mud of winter.

Green is showing all over as the snow is thawed away.
Yours Truly is next tossing together an art proposal to make and do in the pubic sphere, a benefit for Squeaky Wheel.
Details surely to follow.

Following, detailing Love.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

So Voilà 2008, spring Sunday, snippets of new images made during the past week: an intense, many splendored image shoot with singer Paul Safy, for his move to the Shiney Apple to pursue his dream; AmberWood, rollicking and new & improved band of the Nephew et al, who played a battle of bands gig last night at that former cowboy bar in the suburbs with primo stage; and an image classique from the Ball Fall Down and the exquisite sparkles and explosions that emanated forth from National Grid (forever truly known as Niagara Mohawk to Middling City Originals).
It is time for Yours Truly to blast off to the quadrant south of the city for a big mag shoot.
Over and out, for now.

Not over, not out of Love.