Thursday, November 22, 2007

Quel excellent, Perfect omen for this Thanksgiving day.
Yours Truly, whilst driving to deliver some snap-happy wedding images to a couple of newlyweds out in the southernmost Middling City tip, spotted a gaggle of wild turkeys, a total of nine, meandering on train tracks foraging for a snack.

In throes of feast-making.
Burners are on full blast, stuffing is being constructed, wine is being sipped. Bottles of champagne will be popped at the appropriate minute of this day to aid in celebration and expression of Gratitude for all things green, art, wondrous, lively.

Bon vivant, gracious Love.
And wild turkey gaggle Love, too.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Literal Harold just proffered up what Yours Truly considers a most genius culinary concept for the pending United States of American holiday - lobster bisque.
Rock lobsters and lobsters in general once grazed on our eastern, perhaps even western, coast.
They could be picked up out of the sea.
Things have changed.
But YT hypothesizes that the pilgrims and their culinary mentors, the native Indians, might have enjoyed these gnarled beasts.

To date YT has made lobster thermador several times, lobster rolls (paying homage to Lobster Shack in S. Portland), lobster bisque, and just plain ol' steamer lobsta.
Memory sprung: having sushi in a most excellent sushi joint in Vancouver, B.C. that served raw lobster. And, when the little, unlucky bastard was slipping away, the sushi chef squirted some fresh lemon juice onto his head to revive him momentarily.
A cruel sight to be sure.

YT is in throes of creative ecstasy as the coffee table book project is mine all mine. Documentation of the campuses - campii - of the big U for one year. Big book, lovely pages, with photos.
Mine all mine.
Just got word mere moments ago.

Time to make more, do more.
More more and more morsels of creative abundance, and the edible like.

Edible Love.

Monday, November 19, 2007

An image of Professor Freakonomics, Steven Levitt, from last week's meet & greet events.
Do note his very excellent nose, nearing Lennonesque nasal Perfection.
He signed a hillock of books, at some point told a media type that he realized that he thought like an economist so therefore became an economist.
He wears sensible Clarks shoes.
The NYT Freakonomics blog is a fine new bookmark entry.
En route shortly to the Middling City suburbs to dispense images/smiles/handiwork.
Amongst other weekend docket was the grand hoopla at Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the $1K/place/head affair. Saw several known to me and did spot one very excellent dress on a femme who I know, by South African designer Pepa Pombo.
This may be the same designer who was being worn by former Marilyn Manson beauette/starlet Rose Mcgowan. Perhaps not, however.
Weekend also included a stop at Michelle Gigante's Shakti Yoga Studio for another primo installation of her Diaspora Drum events.
Then all we Solid Gold Bookers booked on over to see Hubcap from Ithaca hit the Sportsmen stage.
The, amongst others, did a Teenage Fanclub tune.
Yours Truly was pleased.


Designer Love.