Saturday, March 15, 2008

Photographed the Niagara Falls Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Hyde Park this fine morn, and Yours Truly pictured it in the snow and would-be grass. But nope, the children of Niagara Falls hunted for eggs on asphalt.
Got some shots of children and their loot, as well as the Niagara Falls Mayor gladhanding the E.Bunny.
Afterwards, intuited my way to Bada Bean coffeehouse to edit and sip whilst talking to Niman. I had been hunting for my own veritable easter egg, a functional diner, a tall tall order in NFNY.
There, off to the right was Bada Bean.
I'm heading into a place on Main near Pine, I instructed Niman, in case I turn up in chopped up bits on railroad tracks, the last place I was was Bada Bean. Bada Bean.
Niman said I will tell everyone that Nancy J. was a good person, a good writer, and a good photographer - I'll work on the eulogy.
That's Perfect, Yours Truly stated, and rang off.
Bada Bean was Perfect as well, with hefty wi-fi, good coffee, a decoupaged table with thee Lois Gibbs upon the tabletop, and a friendly owner who, after some conversation, told YT that she'd sold her Harley to purchase the gorgeous coffee maker from Venice.
The joint will be closing soon, she says, as the good people of NFNY prefer to get coffee from chains, she says.
I ate a salad there, it was excellent. Others came in, everyone was sad to hear that they would be closing their doors.
She is in the former La Casa Cardenas, or was it Gardenas, where KateK first took me after a gig for Castellani, and then YT went with Liz, and a few dates.
It was renowned for very racy, figurative murals, one with a thermostat right in the crotchal region of an Aztec warrior carrying a maiden.
The Bada Bean lady informed me that Elvis Costello, the day of his Rockin' at the Knox gig, was driving himself around and about and also intuited his way into there. She added that several bands of international fame come in when they're around.
After that headed back to the Ol' Sod, the OFW, to photograph Jerry Adams, who marched with Congressman Higgins - see happy marchphoto above.
Higgins introduced me to Adams mid-march and YT asked how long he was in town and if he'd be hitting McCarthy's. Answers: not long, and maybe.
Watched (and got teary-eyed, as is my parade wont), with Niman, CourtneyG and her pal Marty. And M's dog, Chloe. Who really howled at all the firetrucks.
Made more images of men with guns, men in skirts, floats galore, and more happy and important pups.

I LOVE a parade.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Voilà an image that Yours Truly made during the '06 Empire State Democratic Convention, the multi-day, all-access pass event that took place in the Middling City's downtown.
This image, showing (as I write to my editors, from l. to r.) recently public undie-aired Eliot Spitzer, Bill, Denny Farrell, and new gov David Paterson.
This is during the speech of Hillary, and YT liked that Bill was so proud and so in the front row.
We can only wonder, cannot we, what Eliot has just whispered into Bill's ear.
Time to make and do ever more, before I head to the faux Wake with Annie, at that temple of Art Deco rock & roll magic, Town Ballroom, where Irish Classical is holding this interactive play.
Speaking of interactive, sent off my Artists & Models proposal for Unhinged, this year's incarnation v.21.
Look for further elucidations.

Lucid, puce Love, in Spring's honour.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy uppermost personal computer awareness day.
Had a delightful gig moments earlier at a public school documenting the youth of today learning about the machinations of our collective noodles.
And what did Yours Truly learn/glean from today.
That we have more sensors in our fingers than most other places on our bods. That is how we are hard-wired.
And more.
While at the school saw MarcO, videographer, whose nuptials YT documented a while back. He was at a t.v. station and left for greener, more doc pastures.
YT tried hard to stay away from his roving lens.
Heard that YT was on the news a few weeks back, despite me asking the t.v. cam man to avoid me completely.
So much for requests.
Speaking of so, so Eliot has stepped down and David Paterson is in, as of Monday.
A questions lingers and hovers over the day:
How good, or how much better, is s.e.x. when it costs oso much more.
And, pray tell, as I questioned Liz/Cheryl/Polly last evening, what is the diff between a seven-star gal, and a three-star gal, so to speak.
Very sad about Eliot.
He who lives in a glass politico suite, guarded by staties and officious ladies, should not toss about partisan rocks.

Unrighteous, partisan Love.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One less bar for my next Old First Ward Pub Stroll, some time in April.
This bulldozed structure was - repeat was - McBride's, at the corner of Chicago and Miami Streets.
This was a true tavern, dating back from the mid-19th C, reportedly built as a hotel and then in the speakeasy era it functioned as one of those.
I will recall with a chuckle always how more than one pub stroller, while wending down Miami Street, turned to ask, Are you sure about this, Nancy.
And I reassured with After that little dog leg you will see McBride's, our next stop.
Notez bien that in the photo, affixed to the stop sign is a Spitzer/Paterson bumper sticker.
Irony and icons just turn up in most pixel-rich moments.
Again, to reiterate.
McBride's is long gone.
There are other fabulous, moist brick buildings along Chicago that I hope do not meet the same sad end.
Another image for Your viewing pleasure, one from my ongoing Extreme Trees Series.

Deep-rooted OFW Love.

Monday, March 10, 2008

This image of Baird Point at winter dusk was made yesterday as the light was regally autumnal, golden, so at dusk there was that lovely convergence of gold and blue.
As my arms felt like lead after a mad shoveling spree I failed to blog about the certain joys of that winter task.
There is satisfaction in clearing the way for pedestrians, one's mailman, oneself, one's vehicle by tossing snow to and fro. I was about to liken it to the joys of tilling a garden but that is a real stretch of imagination.
Extra showed up for his lunch, myowing like a madman and again I had to explain that Yours Truly is NOT responsible for the precipitation. Come spring he will not praise me for the warm grass, or plentiful chirping of birds.
It is the season of greening, and asparagus, and corned beef.
Epicurious, lest You wonder, has a wondrous recipe for c.b. with a whiskey/marmalade marinade that YT has made several times - in March, bien sur.

Met with Louis d'AKAG today over a Zen lunch at TruTeas and all went well.
On the October docket: One rollerskating soirée that is open to the public, per my request, and their complementary desire.
Oso many details to follow.

Speaking of details, most shocked and sad to hear of a breaking news story regarding our Empire State's gov.

Onwards into the imminent gold meets blue.

Colorful, vernal Love.