Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This to date is my favoured image that I've made of the Middling City's venerable Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and it's been kicking around the desktop for months.
Heard the name of the artist who made the blueman group blue sculpture along its northern side and it is a lovely addition to the gallery's landscape.
Bought a piece of art from the Members' Gallery and I'll be god-danged if I can get them to return my call to go and cash and carry.

Was just watching a FB pal's vid about the Central Terminal just as Mr. Bojangles - by Neil, via Pandora - began to warble out of the MacB Pro and Yours Truly thought What a peculiar soundtrack to this vid. I just don't get it, kind of sadsack tune, sadsack images of the beat-down CT but still.
And then clarity kicked in.
Had a gig this fine morn and then was asked by another person who hadn't hired me for some emailed images - which were sent off pronto.
And then But there weren't any of so&so, and so&so.
So YT had to reply that the people who'd hired me had very specific needs and those were met with aplomb.
One of those freelancer moments.
Just got back the 4x6s from J&G's wedding this past weekend. Had two of them printed as 8x10s and black & white and they look gorgeous.
Bought a silver frame and will be sending these along.
In addition to the registry's Spode x-l teapot.
My statement I just can't get behind the gravy boat (stated at Justy's roast/stage a few weeks ago) made it to the walls of Boat, the hangout in B'Lyn.
Scrawled by Bartoo.
I couldn't get excited about buying my pals a gravy boat fercrissakes, no matter its dollar amount.
Then I decided I could honour their wish for a very very large (2 quart) teapot as a proponent of caffeine.

Yesterday I was stuck behind a wall of a van on one of the MC's expressways and was treated to this message wiped into the vehicle's dirt.
I liked how this child mixed lower and upper case letters and how he/she spelled dookie. Imparting a certain regality to it.

Regal, fingered Love.