Saturday, March 05, 2005

Listening to classique roque radio where Fat Bottomed Girls via Queen still reigns supreme. So Interpol comes to Toxicville north of the Middling City this pending week and called Laura to see if she'd like to go as this is an Event.
About to embark on a gig capturing the high times and hijinx of the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site's gala hoopla, replete with Mark Russell hamboning the night away and a TR impersonator in attendance. ! Can you shout out photo ops galore.
Thinking - I repeat thinking - of homework. Doing is another thing, another delicate facet yet to be wrangled with. Look, these deep grad student thoughts take time. Looking to dreams for divine art inspiration for the art-directed Parsons School of Desires career and so far I've produced one sorry dream whereby I was excited about going to see Sarah McLaughlan in concert in TO. Why.
Was having a conversation today and was informed that word on the street is the Hillary Clinton Pre-Faint org ladies are pondering suing Yours Truly. Puh-Leez. For fucksakes let's recap: no contract signing over rights, photog always owns rights sans contract, ethics decree I was in right to dispense with them as I wished. The End.
Shiney Happy Mag appeared yesterday with my Pulitzer-ready piece on those t.v. design shows - a triumph. Editrix changed one thing in first paragraph I don't really get but hey, it's HER domain/gig/trip.
Off to work, would love to regale You with more more more but someone has to pay the bills around here.

Here's Love.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Limbo. And I don't mean the archetypal party dance. I would explain but I'd rather not. Had a poem simmering for a long time and today it poured out onto my laptop in a fairly tight formation of ten syllables per line and fourteen lines and 104 words and that's all very important, significant even.
Just had to shoot the gig at Middling City U and amongst the players was one kum-bay-yah singer I know very well and she always turns up at kum-bay-yah moments far and wide.
Re-read the obit of Samuel Beckett, sparked by a Kennergy comment yesterday. Rolled around in a few good SBB quotations about his working process. One, when asked by a producer who Godot was. His answer: If I knew I would have said so.
Onwards to retrieving numerous articles from electronic bowels of hell.

Love is Hell.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Inquired to Middling City news editrix of Yours Truly if cannon balls were on agenda for tomorrow afternoon's photo op as I envision such sailing through the air, passing the trio of flags flapping in the breeze, maybe even still at half-mast for some reason but I argue, as only grad students can, that it should be always at half-state as there's always something to be aggrieving in the world, landing with soft kaflops in the loop in a snowbank alongside the curbs in the loop in suburbs just beyond national chain stores sinking silently into a former wetlands.
Tonight Justy et al in the band sort of named by Yours Truly hits the infamed stage of CBGBs and I am sad to miss it. As in the Shiney Apple just last week it seemed a bit of a stretch to be back mere hours later but it is where I would really dig being later later.
It was a week ago I got the last of the last airbuses out of JFK before the closing of that wi-fi and travel and mag-reading venue.
Today it's freelance org day and later meeting up with Brucey who had to make plans later as he's driving out to an exurb. A rather uncommon exurb but one which houses a Big House. Why there, I queried. After some hezzing it was revealed to meet up with a pal of his who's in the BH for a rather Coen Bros. reason: he told me and I burst out laughing. Brucey did not match my guffawed outburst or cinematic wonderment, wrapped instead in concern for Big Housee.
It's onward to working on freelance matters, thinking deep art and grad thoughts.
Happiest b-day to Ron who always asks that each of his pals do something self-loving rather than walloping him with cards, congrats, cellophane-wrapped treats. And he likes to know what we've all done.
3/3 Ron B-day Plan was this: drive to Starbucks drive-thru, order venti Americano in honour of the man who turned me on to my premier cuppa Starbucks coffee about - wow - 15 years ago.

Historical Love.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Beth Dearest and I are to be prepping Lecture Notes, that's right, fucking Lecture Notes, for our online class.
Raison d'etre anywhere but inside Land of Homework:
#1: It's online, there is no lecture.
#2: We are grad students, not instructors. By preparing Lecture Notes we are lightening his edificiary role in the name of pedagogical lessoning.
#3: I really have other things to do.
Like procrastinate.
I rest my case.
Kennedy handed me a snippet of Middling City News - letters page - from the 23rd when Yours Truly was on the right side of the state. When, in a rush of pique and defensiveness and such, two letter writers had their thoughts about Gripping the Podium Hillary and Yours Truly aired. One is pro, other con for a fair and balanced (just like Fox) purview. Said to Kennedy I should thank them as it keeps it all alive. But the anti HC Grip shot letter states wrongly that the org that asked me to pro bono owns the rights which is not the case. She meanders along in her letter stating what her club does. The pro letter sidles along my view that of course the public has a right to know and that includes seeing.
Soon my Globe cover shot will be available on and I know that each and every epinw reader will want, must have, will lust.
My former product line - CLeft Design models - are still up and can be found on the site and then via a search for cLeft Design.
If You simply type the word cleft I believe You will still yield beneficiary t's and such for an org that benefits those with dreaded cleft palate.
Onwards to homework.
Onwards to further pitstops, pratfalls, petulance.

Petulant Loves.