Sunday, September 13, 2009

Latest in the Accidental Frame Series, on 9/9/09 to be more precise than this firing-off.

Spent time yesterday pre-BigU football season opener documenting the practices of tailgaters - with a writer in tow.
She will be creating a slideshow for the web of the captured images and quotes flying through the air like proverbial footballs.
Some played football, some kan-jam, some beer pong.
Yours Truly has never tailgated so finds this a curious practice as there's food to be had inside the venue.

A favoured, documented menu was created by the blended family (half for UB, half for Pitt) that consisted of Rice Krispies Treats and margaritas.
Another fav was the site of the homemade cooking cart where a guy who calls himself Tumbleweed made Dutch oven eggs.

Post-gameshoot went to the region's diverse and vast food emporium (where one is as likely to find patio umbrellas, scented candles, as well as scallions) for provisions and a semi-annual Diet Pepsi.
At the fountain drink dispensing station YT encountered DP that was mainly soda water. Dumping out the cup and trying another DP spigot suddenly there was an elderly man standing to my left, with an outstretched arm holding a cup.
It seemed he was reaching for the same beverage choice so I said There's something wrong with the Diet Pepsi.
And he, in one brilliant flash, said
There's something wrong with everything.

Ah, the Wisdom of strangers.
Off to Great Expectations Book Group for sustenance of all sorts.

Love of Sustainability.