Saturday, February 25, 2006

By now, this gray-skied day the Foster Kid Expo chalk&talk, deft slide presentation about hot photo tips, should have been completed. Only, mere moments after completing the slide show, the contact lady called to inform me, dig this, that the Expo attendees really wanted to discover how to acquire Foster kids, not glean hot photo tips. So that didn't happen and Yours Truly is on to the next matter at hand, readying my Polaroid photo booth for tonight's Squeaky Wheel benefit, entitled Peep Show. It's to be all about, shocker, love and sex and whatever other political issues installation artists wish to slay. I am making my fun and interactive Peep Shots, outfitted with some props, captions, and oso much more. Wondering how the Hotel Lenox staffers will feel about me taping crap up all over their abused wooden walls. As well as their large plate glass window. But if yesterday was any indication, the staff may be in drug stupours as YT wandered in, stood in my to-become installation space for a good fifteen minutes, checking outlet locations, touching walls like a lost and blind person and none of the employees ever asked Uhhh, lady, you need help. Or Uhhh, what in hell is up with the touching the wall thing.
Time to compile, leave, set up, collect money for Squeaky Wheel, as well as yet more party scenario memories.

Scenic and Installed Love.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bandmate Scott's band, or some formation thereof, is going to appear on Love, the Greg Sterlace show replacement next month. And for the occasion the band is all geared up regarding decibels, video projections and oso much more. Wondering if pyros and spandex may also be involved.
To be filed under S as in Shocking . . . or So Outta Touch.
A non-loyal epinw reader of sorts last evening commented upon the self-focused nature of epinw. A blog. Yours Truly repeats - a freakin' blog. What is the title of this Perfect blog, I ask You. Correct - it focuses on all the fiascoes, the triumphs, the odd sightings in this world. Not YOUR world, My world. Thanks for your attention in this matter and, really, if this irritates you then shove off and read something less Perfect. Onwards. Oh, but first.
As you will correctly find foremost in Your own Perfect memory bank, epinw does seem, from time to time, to also examine and feature frequent appearances by a rag-tag cast of characters, including: adrenaline-raising editors, rodents of note, JW,Esq., erstwhile and hard-partying respectable member of corporate society, Sterlace, politicoes, boy colleagues, pals, and the odder denizens of the Middling City.
On a differing note.
Cheney's Got a Gun-style t-shirts are still hotties on cafepress.
Time to wend back to Land O'Meetings and suchlike.

Like, such Love.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Got an email from Harold last night, him musing on his Vegas junket still in progress. He had just watched gondoliers (yeah yeah in quotes) downstairs on the canal, You know, the one under the ever-changing sky sans planes, acid rain, birds and the like. Can one ever think of Vegas without opining about what is real or not. I think not. And I remarked about my two days there witnessing, literally & journalistically, many weddings as Yours Truly would, at most of these affairs, be the sole person in attendance/the audience and would be asked to be a witness. And in the beginning (no, not the word became flesh) I thought it was cheeseball, faux, plastic (well there were many wedding chapels featuring plastic cakes that couples could pose with - for a fee), sad. But gradually I thought This is no less real or fake than any other wedding. As I'm sure some soul singer crooned (I fantastically paraphrase) If it is love and passion then it is like so real, baby, so real.
Speaking of real v. fake and all, YT is embarking shortly to photograph the annual Middling City U engineering student contest of designing and then destroying tiny bridges to see which team can create the strongest fake little bridge. And, as if that were not enough, there is a bonus event - the annual and much-loved egg drop contest whereby engineering students design contraptions and containers to drop eggs and - hopefully - not end up with non-intact eggs.

Faux v. Real Love.

* This just in, from YT.
I heard from my beloved Rio that the sponge candy that I sent down to KY for her and her famille (that would be also-beloved Ron and their two perfect children) was not a raging success. Well, to further elucidate. SHE is enjoying the sponge candy to an orgasmic degree and is actually hoarding it whereas her roomies so to speak do not see what the hoopla is all about, them not originating from the environs of the Middling City. Those from the MC as well as certain corners of Pennsyltucky love les bonbons eponges whereas les autres say what is le grand deal stinké.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Important lesson gleaned by Yours Tuly a few days ago involving a case of champagne and a delicate houseplant of African Mask variety. Attempting to shop like one shops in the Shiney Apple within the boundaries of the Middling City, tragedy ensued. You see, in the Shiney Apple one moves from one store to another whilst weighed down with baggage - both emotional and mercantile. Nobody looks at you oddly when you waddle through their shoppe doors in such a condition. Now, mind You, if one were to purchase a case of champagne in the Shiney Apple one would sensibly have it delivered, but YT digresses. So I am meandering from one shop to another in the same plaza and, in lieu of moving the car, decide to move instead a cart with lamp shade and aforementioned African Mask to get champagne. Bumping back out to car the case shifts and tragedy befalls plant. Moral: When in the Middling City, adopt appropriate MCesque shopping practices for sometimes what works in the Shiney Apple, however modified, is one large flaming fiasco on the state's left side.
Time to wend again towards a moderne dance troupe and document their twirls and such.

Twirling, sashaying Love.