Thursday, April 27, 2006

Got together with Les Girlies last night to celebrate the birth of Janine, who was in her rare form. Got her some crocheted tights and a Middling City mag for her Shiney Apple joint, her being The Crochet Girl and all, crafting hats, or at least she did in the past.
Slated for the other Shiney item, the Shiney Happy Mag, Yours Truly will be inking away furiously, or, rather, laptopping madly, a story about those who live literally in the long shadows of the grain elevators. I plan on knocking on doors, the camera bag disguised for wisdom's sake. Hope to not encounter any secret cockfighting rings, crackheads, and the like.
YT: Hello, pardon me, but may we rap about how and why you live here. I want to hear stories of high times, union riots, the scent of Cheerios, lay it on me.
OFW resident: Plethora of witticisms with mad quotes peppered in.
Cannot say just yet what the other is about, today switching from something else.
This AM shot two gigs out at Middling City U, the first being a crafting extravaganza for children along for the Take Your (Snivveling) Kid(s) to Work Day.
Crafting. I ask You.
Supposing this is a respite for the children who don't give a hoot about water cooler convos.
Time to wend away for errands and then the usual laptop moments.

Tethered to the laptop, Love.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Looking for venture capitalists for a new business I'm going to hopefully launch soon, inspired by a daytrip of sorts I took yesterday, leading Harold along the two-lane to Niagara Falls, New York with a stop at what was once, and always will be, the buried (both the canal, and the chems) Love Canal. I dubbed our daytrip Toxic Tours. First stop Love Canal, nestled behind a facade of concrete and expressway, hard to find. Where the school was is now a fenced-off area with the newer addition of vents and guages and metal contraptions you would definitely not want to mess around with. I have had an ongoing fascination with Lois Gibbs, housewife turned activista, as well as what remains. Occasionally I've gone up there and made images of the perennials that persist where there were gardens and now it's harder to find them. Yesterday I shot this tree trunk that was uplifted for some reason, maybe new development like the senior residences nearby. I decided there must be something of note in the mud in the roots and poked about until I came up with a broken green shard and a white porcelain animal face, all that's left of some figurine. Shot more trees that have been cut down but that are coming back ferociously and noted a huge birch tree with a long green stripe of moss down (You guessed it) its north side. Onwards then to closed chemical factories with rather elegant facades that look like movie theatre marquees. There's nothing quite like the expanse of sunny Niagara Falls desolation. Such natural beauty, raging green waters with an unforgettable smell, producing such pathetic attempts at cashing in.
Time to make more art.

Love Canal Love.