Friday, June 13, 2008

Very sad to hear that this afternoon Middling City native Tim Russert collapsed at his gig and passed away.
Was trolling through my mental archive to recall what images I made of him and they're coming in a bit more vividly - a wildly crowded reception for him when he was a Distinguished Speaker at the BigU.
Affable, flushed, lots of guffaws and slaps on the back, and stopped to sign every item that fans wanted autographed. Much like equally-affable, equally-shaped Michael Moore when he was at the BigU for his own Distinguished Speaker trip.
Watched the Steve Kurtz big screen release Strange Culture after yet another marathon day that included freelance gigs, a wake, a memorial service, a stop at a coffee joint mid-afternoon, the munching of an excellent maple cookie from Quaker Bonnet, and oso much more.
Before film watching dined at DiGiulio's and saw both Sandy and Deanna from the elementary days.
Pre-DiGiulio's motored out to Botanicus Gardenus to see their wonderful new exhibits in honour of The Everglades, and The Rainforest. More orchids at the viewing venue, more bromeliads, more big palms, more statuesque grasses. Just lovely. Afterwards, a brief look at the works of Roland Wise, another person no longer in this sphere photographed by YT at several arts events. He studied at Art Students League, where Brucey also gleaned some fun facts about making & doing.
Yours Truly began today with laptop working and then documentation of the high school graduation at the private school on the rolling and perfectly picturesque parcel.
After that ran for some healthbev and ran into Victor (also from elementary days) in Snyder - as I told him, I do not seem to ever go to Snyder and its juicebar without seeing Victor.
What is trad about high school graduations? Nearly same for the next level of graduating.
Apprehension, cockiness, flowers, parents and other relatives who are somewhat displaced. Some live music, school songs, incantations for all good wishes.
Today, as the headmaster sent out a love-packed adieu to the grads-in-making a large branch snapped off of a nearby tree with a huge crack.
Nature was adding itself to the program.

Nature, ever on the program, like it or not, notice it or not.
Today, I stopped to look at a departed bumble bee, fat, on its side.

Bombus Fervidus Love.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yours Truly was minding her own freakin' business.
And she was at the inner-city gas station/deli/icecream stand/car wash to glean some over-priced, governmental and inter-nationally taxed and gouged out the wazoo gasoline.
At the pump in the shade YT looked up to see a man in his 60s at his own temporary pump.
High, he said.
YT, ever having problems with homonyms, having shot a plethora of rock concerts in her lifetime, heard Hi.
Hi, YT semi-shouted back at the man at his own temporary pump.
To his quizzical look.
Oh, he stated, kind of looking the direction of YT, I meant High, as in the prices.
Oh, YT stated, I thought you were saying Hi.
Glancing at his vanity plate, YT asked him if his name was indeed the name on the plate.
He did not see YT first looking at his plate before the question so he was amazed that YT quite possibly knew him.
Your plate, YT said, pointing.
There was a great degree of confusion at that inner-city gas emporium, the very same joint where YT was able to purchase sustenance after the October Surprise Storm: cheese, coffee (limited - only 1 tall/customer ... rations!), and water.

Tonight, as YT left a gig a chef pal and another asked What, You are leaving without some cheese, we have cheese put aside for you.
This type of conversational thread makes YT oso gleeful.
Nearby a dog snores.
Nearby another peony blooms and lets off an amazing scent ready for a good, deep sniff.

Good, deep Love.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Beginning of blogpost and Pandora spits out NYC by Interpol.
One of those serendipitous moments (today) that confirms I am living in Everything's Perfect in Nancy's World – the movie.
flashback moment: (heart aching, memory ridden of any negative spin on the following) Writing a brilliant term paper for intellectual property law course at Parsons in Shiney Apple sitting in (somewhat lame-assed) library at Parsons (in photo building, not the other across Fifth) as I had this very song on repeat, peat, and repeat for hours.
I have done this repeat of NYC on a few other occasions. Also with song Blue Thunder by Galaxie 500.
Today has been a most curious day, emotionally and visually.
A moving truck the size of Delaware – State of – was parked across the Kennedy driveway and had to shoehorn around it to leave to visit an ill pal of Yours Truly.
En route to visit spotted a woman in throes of meltdown running down Delaware Avenue S-curves, occasionally throwing her arms in the air and waving them (like she just don't care). She'd run a way, wave her arms for a bit.
Followed a fleet of emergency vehicles to lo and behold corner of Del and Forest where an accident had just transpired. And, whew!, YT was not involved.
Took long while to pass as everyone had to have a long look to analyze the situ, what in the media biz is called The Rubbernecking Effect.
Photographed Steve Kurtz at his show Seized at Hallwalls: toppermost and belowermost.

Federal agents left behind 30 pizza boxes for three days of seizing, snooping, and the like.
Wondered how none of those lemmings spoke up with a craving for Chinese, Greek, something less ... 2-D to eat.
Time to make and do, and wend and deliver bushels of pixel happiness.

Bushels of Love.