Thursday, November 17, 2005

Minding my own business, as usual, as You know, I have found myself in Europe once again. To glean information about art, things, people, more art, weather patterns, international canine practice.
I am in Amsterdam with Kennedy for a few as we en route it to Wuppertal Germany (as in not only about Oktoberfest any more, according to the pro-visit-Germany campaign I recently saw in the throes of photographing two German co-eds) to see the art show of Peter Brotzmann. And so much more.
Today my Perfect eyes vaccumed up many a 17th-century canvas, pressure on me to remember and re-remember for Brucey who will have a plethora of canvas-related questions about the repped artists.
Tonight is dining at Fifteen, the joint of famed Britchef Jamie Oliver. The one of slosh it about fame, along the lines of Nigella - that cooking is a sensuous and sloppy sport.
As is Euro custom, the food has all been excellent, inspiring.

Chef Love.