Thursday, October 09, 2008

One Perfect day, as is annual custom.
For today is the birth anniversary of John, and that of Kerly, and K-T.
And tomorrow is the anniversary of the 10/10 that I popped out in the Middling City, having a look around, and then a hearty wail before embarking on a life on the artful, golden path.
Your homework assignment:
Watch this vid, then write a short essay (200 words) about one of the following:
1. Benefits and downfalls of an all-white interior.
2. Owning the world's most Perfect nose.
3. Romanticism in such famed and departed males as John Lennon, Robert Creeley, John Donne, and Paul Newman. In that order.
4. Benefits and downfalls of living in the Shiney Apple.
5. Pulling off the headband, as in making it look chic rather than doofy - not yanking it off a pal's head in a helpful flash.

Today had two gigs in two different hospitals, one mainly for adults, one mainly for children.
So if You are ever thinking You are having a bad freaking day, think of small children in sterile (hopefully) rooms with small i.v.'s taped to boards to their little arms.

Onwards to a party held in the honour of Yours Truly at chez Liz.
Time to make, do, and Veuve.

VC and BD Love.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ahh, the yin & yang of a Perfectly balanced weekend full of gigs, hijinx, and Nature.

It all more or less began with some deliveries of happy pixel packages (HPP's to those oso in the know), and a gig featuring String Trio of New York at the Middling City's venerable hallowed hall of the visual, aural, and oenophilic - I write of course of Albright-Knox Art Gallery.
Got a posse out to watch and listen and then supped and imbibed with the trio et al.
Saturday was, amongst other things, documentation of a gala and then points beyond.
Found myself traipsing about visiting people in various venues but not 888 which has had its doors closed due to some legal/mail snafu.
Enjoyed some cava at Wine Thief, a joint that is not full of the best feng shui energies as the bar seems to be facing the wrong direction, and is also too small.
Image numero uno shows LittleLaura pointing to a motorcycle tricked out with Poo(r) Boys stickers. They are a blues outfit and Yours Truly and LL years ago altered their bandvan to read Poo Boys.
Evidence of this hangs on a wall not too far from where this blogposting is taking place, and for that YT is oso proud.
You'd think that after all these years the band would invest in some real paint, not 59¢ lettering.
Other image shows Nature in all its October finery, what those in TX would gleefully refer to as Fall Cuhl-erz.
This image was gleaned from a lightly-traversed bridge over some creek near Niagara County and Erie County's border.
In my haste to chase some Nature Art YT left her car door wide open when the cam was snatched from its spot in the back of the vehicle.
And some cranky lady had to call it to the attention of YT.
She shrilly told me of it. As if it was blocking the entire bridge.
But I did appreciate, somewhat, the helpful hint.
This was also made en route to pick up the artwork that hung in the Kenan Center's latest exhibition, Feasting Eyes, curated by beloved Jerry Mead.
Upon arriving LL and I wandered the grounds of the historic joint, sniffing the plants in the herb garden to our hearts's content.
The ladies guarding the front desk let me lift the artwork off the walls and I asked if they'd like to see some i.d. to know that I was in fact who I am.
They said no.
And then they both stated how much they'd enjoyed looking at my paintings.
I then thought they might think I was a painter and not a photon catcher but then just supposed that they could not see the diff between grain under glass and brushstrokes and left it at that.
And off we sped.
That night Heady created a fab Indian dinner that was all that cuisine offers: spice, lentil, protein, more spice, ginger, cardamom and oso much Perfect more.
Time to get ready for a gig alongside the waters of this October-drenched place before The Debate when YT will be hunkered down with like-mindeds to kibbutz, and armchair quarterback, and pundit.
YT also attempted some proselytizing, sending along an Obama-made vid about McCain's proximity to the S&L bad man of the 80's and 90's - Keating.
Sent it to 1 on the Red Team, as well as others on the Blue, and one on the fence methinks.

Blue blue Love.