Friday, September 29, 2006

Yesterday's ultimate gig was following around some undergrads who were hanging how-to safety hot tips on doorknobs of the University Heights neighborhood within the Middling City's collegiate/business/neighborhood sector very much unlike the others within the Middling City. This is a dangerous neighborhood with occasional homicides and stick-ups and, while walking, the co-eds were regaling Yours Truly with enough gore to have me, post-gig, trotting as top-speed as possible back to the car. One of the co-eds told me how, in his freshman year, he'd been held up by a man with a gun who jumped out of a car. Sobering all around as no neighborhood here or in environs can be called safe. And as I walked along photographing the do-gooding students, snapping and flashing, an irate neighbor came to his door yelling Why is she photographing my house. We all kept walking whilst stating it was them I was zoning in on, not his soggy wooden house.
Things Seen As of Late, sub-filed under Minding My Own Business.
- Last Sunday saw police line do not cross tape around some trees alongside Ellicott Creek as I left Menne Nursery with a car full of perennials for Kennedy's garden. A few days later I heard what happened at this spot, a distraught femme drove her car into the trees and then water for a big, dramatic ending. I forget if she was successful.
- Yesterday I saw a man, very early in the morning, en route to a presentation by Middling City U at Albright-Knox Art Gallery, who I think had just taken a whizz (as they say) off of the bridge down onto the expressway.
- Much later yesterday I saw another man wandering along in the middle of a street and as I approached he motioned for me to roll down my window - an interesting, old-fashioned concept to be sure. But perhaps he's never owned a vehicle with power windows, or any vehicle. He walked toward the car as I drove along and then Yours Truly ran a very red light to get away from this man, lest he be armed.
Onwards again.

Odd, sighted Love.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Open letter to beloved JetBlue.
Dear JetBlue,
I understand you're all jazzed up about your AmEx card but No Thanks. And I do appreciate seeing all your so-called cheap fares to wherever. However, when you do write to me perhaps in the subject line it's best to not use the word falling, such as Our Fares Are Falling. Do I want to think of the word falling when perusing your sale prices between Philly and, say, PR? I think not. Thanks for your attention in this matter.
Accepted and moving onwards into a new gig as Arts Editor for Buffalo Rising, for the new and improved mag to accompany the already well-hitted site.
Time to wend towards the coffee stand and make and do do do.

Do Love to Do.