Monday, September 15, 2008

If You guess that Rome, some ancient gymnasium of some sort, is the source, the situ of these murals, you would be off by maybe 3K miles for these are to be seen in thee late Ilio DiPaolo's restaurant in Blasdell, New York.
Yours Truly was there during several stops with an Empire State Senator who YT was hired to make images of last Thursday, via a Shiney Apple operation I've worked for before.
So there YT is in Ilio's joint, stopping dead in tracks when I saw the triptych: Ilio taking down a man, perhaps in airplane spin; Ilio looking contemplative, in shorts, and chest hair; and Ilio wrassling another foe to the ground.
I looked at the photographic likeness and then at Ilio's son, Dennis, who was working on setting up some props for the senatorial shoot.
To and fro and YT said, Wow, you look just like your dad.
The Senator, and the Wrestler's son, said NO, Ilio had HUGE hands. Hands like this (as they drew outlines of hands about three inches larger than their own hands).
So there Ilio is, wrestling the years away.
And then, as only sports celebs can, he parlayed that into Business.
Dennis fed me and the rest of the crew some of his wares.
Some of the crew was from the Shiney Apple and they were so digging on the wings put out.
YT corrected them when they said things like I really like Buffalo wings.
We're in Buffalo, I offered helpfully, you can just say wings.

Here is another image from the day's imagistic haul:
Another for the Accidental Frames Series.
It's the Senator.
This one did not get FedEx'd off to the Shiney Apple.

Love of Accidental Zen, and Purposeful.