Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yours Truly, NJ, as You well know, is in NJ.
That well-rounded literal-type irony, is appreciated.
What is not appreciated, YT can tell You, in this moment, is the lady to YT's left who decided that YT's dinner/snack of so-called green tea sushi in a joint that promises spiritual accomplishment and perhaps omigosh (as MAD mag lovingly put it) - Samsara - the parfum and goal of champeens the world over, was her hors d'oeuvre.
(NJ accent) O my gawd, I am so embarrassed, to quote.
YT, ever so empathetic, downplayed the faux pas and even insisted this NJ insurance saleslady enjoy one more piece of said green tea tidbit.
And now, good karma in hand, chardonnay in brain, good will in heart, traipses off to photo lecture at photo conference with thee David Burnett.
YT = fan.
It is ever so refreshing to have heroes.
Time to extricate myself from Samsara/sushi curio with Db's-a-blarin' and head off to higher learning of all things pixel.

Higher Pixel Learned Love, Love.