Saturday, August 28, 2010

Art - In a Perfect World

Here is Four Laurel Hands.

One of the images of a suite of ten new pieces to be hung and be in plain view at Studio Hart until the end of September.

River of Sound is the show, a suite of ten (ever the important number) new still life images, plus Flame Hand made last year, plus ten small drawings.

Your Truly has exhibited drawings before, here and there, and there again, but never as a main feature: these were made in the Middling City as well as in The Shiney Apple. Of things drawn before, plus some exciting new victims of my Perfect view: public places, including some notable cast iron steps in Soho. A few of my favorite corners of Soho where YT would nestle and hunker before or after school, or other arduous, or art-defined moments.

Something very different happens when making drawings, and to one when one is making drawings: time moves slower. People are less leery of a pad and pencil than of a topnotch DSLR.

Once upon a time, drawing at an MC grain elevator, YT was approached in a friendly manner by an endangered grain elevator employee whereas in moments past the same event - with camera/Holga/DSLR in hand - elicited near-calls for the authorities.

Speaking of the latter, YT experienced a most unpleasant exchange in the MC suburb Williamsville a few days ago when, whilst idling and finishing up a call, YT's vehicle was approached by an x-s male in an x-l trucker cap emblazoned with the words "Security Enforcement." Mr. Enforcement, sans badge, or any other identifiable item, yelled and then yelled some more about standing and such. Thinking, as oft-transpires in the MC, that Mr. Enforcement was suggesting that YT move the vehicle I mentioned that I would - or could - move the car to a nearby lot, which was in the plans/works.
That is when Mr. Enforcement began to scream You're attempting to flee the scene.
The scene, as if a shooting had just gone down.
A pen was being wagged in my face, and the screaming continued, so YT rolled up the driver-side window when Mr. Enforcement screamed Why are you rolling up your window, are you attempting to flee the scene.
YT stated I am a woman and ...
Mr. Enforcement screamed I do not care if you are a woman ...
Moral of the story.
Steer clear of this unfortunate corner of Williamsville.
And when any sign anywhere says no standing they do so mean it, stand instead in the environs of the MC, where, really, things are not as antagonistic.
Harv says to mail the ticket to him, after I plead not guilty.
Will YT have to appear in Unpleasantville/Williamsville traffic court.
That thought is a nice distraction to the six days left of preparation for River of Sound.
Not truly.
Truly, YT is thrilled to have a golden and grand op to share more vision, more of what lives in my head.

In my head, Love.