Friday, January 07, 2005

OK, no words from Annie but I trust the man whose arms I left her in is not an axe murderer but, come to think of it, he does have an odd scar on his chin, perhaps from axe grinding. Moving right along.

Perfectly situated in the midst of not only a fad, a phenom but a cultural force. Read this to read, brush up. Dig. Blog.

Email from Pahts somewhere in the bowels of MN who was once a Peace Corps Volunteer, in Thailand. You see where this is going. He was directly involved with an org in southern Thailand when there, a group that worked on keeping the fishing community there solvent while preserving eco-systems. An appeal. He asks on behalf of the org, Yadfon, for donations that can be mailed to:
St. Dominic Church/216 Spring Street North/Northfield, MN/55057. All funds, he says, wired to Yadfon at the end of January.
Here are are links to read about Yadfon and the director of Yadfon.

Another appeal is to contact Middling City Commoner Council to beg them to re-apportion funds for the lagging and sagging project to complete renovations at Ani's Church - also to be the HQ of Hallwalls. Polly, HW's Chieftain of Info, wrote a long and impassioned email to the MC's arts community to contact these erstwhile funders. A fiasco, to be sure. Touring through the church/concert hall to-be, Ed leading the way with hardcore flashlight as sole beacon of sight besides some warbling street light, I was overcome with (no, not the scent of pigeon turds) the thought that this was an empty building that hadn't progressed from the last flashlight tour I'd been on. Cold flashlight tour, I add.
Here are the people to contact, before this Tuesday. Like right now.
-Dominic Bonifacio Jr. - Niagara District - 851-5125
-Marc Coppola -Majority Leader- Delaware District- 851-5155
-Brian C. Davis - Ellicott District - 851-4980
-David Franczyk - Fillmore District - Council Pres. - 851-4138
-Richard Fontana - Lovejoy District - 851-5151
-Joseph Golombek - North District - 851-5116 Fax: 851-5648
-(YIKES, ferreal)James Griffin - South District - 851-5169
-Bonnie Russell - University District - 851-5165
-Antoine Thompson - Masten District - 851-5145

Compassionate Love.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Birthday. Sugar Cubes. The music of then discovery, of watching and not knowing (grilled tonight by a newbie to art matters of sorts on the matter of photography and the soul and I tolerated all to a point, until the champagne arrived), of Tokyo new - worms on a string - the theme music of this moment. Walks through the neighborhood Itabashiku the shops the faces every day the sun - she's painting huge books - this music of then and the memory of then and it's now. Today is her birthday and they're smoking cigars. I gave the name to his band's disc, Chain of Flowers, from this song, all a convoluted memory mess. - They lie in the bathtub - this winter night like a night so long ago, where is he now. I left Annie in the arms of a man I hardly know and it's all for the best I presume. The apartment of the now and the past all merged and I left, bereft and in search of my own memories.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Teetering, post-research (delighted I am in throes of research - vraiment), on brink of Shall I or Shalln't I regarding the usage or waiting of a certificate to use at the Shoe Addict Palace got a call from Deb. Amongst other things, in girlie fashion, we discussed the teeter. She gave me the shove I most needed and desired and now I'm blogging in slammin' realllllleather, patent, 4" heeled boots that, with great accuracy, could send you into the next hour.
Whilst researching gleaned this new Fun Fact:
Britney's husband, the faceless dancer, demands that she shop no more. I mean What the FUCK. Is this marriage, or, as PJ Harvey croons, Is this Desire. Ms. Disney Hootchie Mama needs some Johnny-Come-Lately to boss herself. Finger food for thought.
On that merry, pop culture-addled and research-infested note I end.

Shop ON, for Love.

ps: to the officious femme who meandered over my shoulder to ingest what I was up to moments earlier while in the Middling City U's Law Library - yeah, I be legit. I be so okay with my secret Okayness Card with password and all delegated to Yours Truly from a co-ed most helpful.