Monday, August 17, 2009

Above is one favoured image from Hurd Orchards, that magical night of feasting on the spoils of toils - much like the agritourismos in Sicily, all things on table made nearby. This shot shows the wide-open barn full of revelers, flowers, food, and one dragonfly moth sucking nectar out of red flowers.

Yours Truly accidentally deleted a recent wonderful frame for inclusion in the ongoing Accidental Frame Series, and then tried to fake it - to no avail. The focus was all too un-Zen, the tip of the cam not authentic, to my Perfect eyes. So that faux Accidental Frame was itself deleted.

One cannot force Perfection, one cannot fake the glorious happenstance.
One cannot force one to love one, one cannot force union.
And to that we must hear from Beth Orton, a seer, and poet, and speaker to hearts akimbo.

YT just this past weekend ran a photographic marathon of sorts, making loving images at three weddings.
What is most cherished about these all-day photo ops is being near people in happy flux, the blending and sometimes clashing of families and friends.
Being intuitive and empathetic these events can be overstimulating as you pick up on the vibes all the livelong day.

At one wedding YT was seated with family and friends and at each place was a fairly new convention - the b&g music mix, burnt onto discs for each guest.
The couple thoughtfully provided titles and artists.
The ever-documentary eyes of YT, scanning the oso typical titles, came to a screeching halt on track 14.
Eric Clapton covered Lady in Red.
Was a huge question.
Putting said disc into cam bag and finishing up the night's documentation, got into the awaiting Subaru and popped the disc in.
Could not wait to hear guitar god Clapton's version of this treacle, a secret and guilty pleasure.
For what lady does not want to be that Lady in Red, finally realized for her beauty, by her man.
Track 14 began the usual Lady in Red way, with those - how to say - beatbox-a-rific strains, almost primal in staccato insistence, giving way to layered ooooo's or perhaps mmmmm's.
Then, the vocals.
And then YT realized that the b&g made a musical boo-boo for this artist is Chris DeBurgh, the recording artist, and Clapton is still free from the shackles of the song's romanticism.
And YT thinks that Clapton could possibly sue this wedding couple.
I mean really.
Clapton would never touch this synthesized tune.

Just back from finishing up note-taking foray for next Shiney Happy Mag piece - a brilliant survey of Middling City dives.
A cocktail of visual convention, barroom archetypes, bad lay warnings in restrooms, and oso much more.

Lady in Red Love.