Friday, October 07, 2005

At last evening's gig was seated for dinner, between two music types, one wearing his Africaner tie of jazzy hues. Someone at Table 10 commented on the tie and he quipped that this tie was responsible for thee Hillary Clinton going all woozy at the luncheon You might recall this past winter in the Middling City, when her eminence passed out c.o.l.d. and The Globe, with giant photo (pre-skid-hitting) of same by Yours Truly queried thusly: WAS HILLARY POISONED.
Well, in the mind of this music type he and his tie did it. I do have an image of him greeting HC at the door, her hand outstretched for him and the tie is there. There was a movie and/or t.v. star who I did not recognize, I thought him to be another grad student being trotted out to impress the major Middling City U donors, a look-see visual aid. But, no, this was a living, breathing, smiling widely movie/t.v. star who I could not have named, fingered in any event to save my precious, perfect life. So, being YT, once I did learn of his pending bronze star in Hollywood I jumped on the op to photograph him merrily, even posing him with a few people in the room who did know him. And this is not the sort of image that, say, my pal at The Enquirer would salivate over. Now, had he choked on the extra-brut chicken on plate, that would have been a, what we call in the trade, windfall.

Love windfalls.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Love Post.
If the title is too much, please do scamper now.
No time for non-Bryan Ferry-luvvin' fairies at this juncture. More than this.
The weekly therapist/mixologist Jeremy says Nancy, do you recall a morning at X. I say Yes, I do, regaling him with his own self-made details. They include a girl I do not know and Jeremy carefully purchasing a mug, a thing, a gift. I ask Do you LOVE the girl and he - sadly - balks. This boy I pegged as human, as genuine, as Real, as It All. He says I have said It but I don't know if I mean It. Plunging toward sad I ask Then why say and he say c o n v e n t i o n. Which leads me to the next scene of my lifemovie when I am driving aimlessly without a real home towards wherever and sobbing - the last time - for him. Concurrently, writing the first airy draft of a poem called same, the last time I cried for you and it's sad, sweet and liberating as it's - get it - the last fuckin' time. The last time a person can touch you somehow with words, memories, or remnants.

One of yesterday's gigs was to make some ports of a Middling City suburb political type, running for (and from) only God, voters, party planners may know.
So I show up at party h.q. and there he is, one of his brochures sticking out of his shirt pocket. This was there on purpose. I know, I asked.
He balked when I said I'd like to have his assistant (with my assistance) tape one of his larger signs to the wall - for a thrill, for a prop.
I wanted to shake him firmly by the shoulders and say this
Look, X, you stick to what you know. And I'll do what I know best. You stand there and look political, no art directing. End of orders.
So all worked out swimmingly, him finally succumbing to the art direction of Yours Truly most perfectly.
Time to press on with deadlines and hit the highway for two back-to-back jobs making all in front of the d2x look beautiful, pensive, pixel-worthy.

Pixel-worthiness of Love.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Not to be like so totally biting on OnlyInNewYorkKids,OnlyInNewYork fame - Liz Smith - but the fabulosic newbie to the eating and see-and-be-seen scene Freeman's has this majorly fun fact attached to it. Apparently those wretched Bush twin girls tried to sup & sip there and, noting their wide and over-priviledged faces. the hostess, when asked by one of the twins (who knows if it was the fat one named for that one grandmother, or the dumber-looking one, named for the other) how long of a wait it could/would be (after the furtherance of their stance at front of line was not helped one teensy schmeensy bit by their surname, which they brandished like a truncheon) were told Four years. Only in the Shiney Apple could a hostess come up with such a superb utterance as she was probably also a writer of some sort, or a comedienne, or a diplomat.
Speaking of such, had to shoot a Canadian dip today with the prez of Middling City U. And I thought how easy it was to spot him amongst the MC bunch. It harkened back to the wine centre/vintner joint up in Fort Erie somewhere where, like the Mainland Chinese, suddenly it is noted that the humbleness of yore is more yore than before.
Overheard on the streets of SoHo: uttered by a guy with a curly mullet who, it was quite obvious, thought himself an eminent metrosexual type was, him walking quickly and speaking in a gush over his shoulder to three people behind him New Yorrrrk is like mental Ritalin, so perfect for someone like me.
I mean really.
Flew back to Middling City in an inward snit and sat next to a small dog (half chihuahua and half terrier... a good mix) who popped out of his bag, first staring at me and then offering me some languid kisses and his handler, a lesbian sex worker.
We spoke and then came the certain tone of voice asking if I do portraits. As I told Kennedy this conversation has happened countless times, it's sort of along the lines of the invariable male who asks Are you the OFFISHull photographer. She needed a Bunny Yeager and I was like so not into being her Bunny Yeager. Onwards.
Yesterday's shower for Susan was good old-fashioned all-girl throwdown with the usual bunch of girlies and ruffians. I won a prize, a door prize - a shopping bag of things that smell good and then a femme won a bag chock full of Ani merch (hostess Mary works for RBR and the lil' folksinger . . . Laura is right now barfing on the floor wherever she is) and gave me the tiny girlie tshirt she knew I would fit into and she would never. A bonus. A bonus in this Perfect world.
There are exactly seven shopping days until the birthdate of Yours Truly.
Fav colour: green
Shoe size: 7
Ring size: 6.5
Hat size: who the fuck knows and don't buy me a hat.
Fav restaurant: Gotham
Fav scotch: Oban
Look, this is enough to get You started. Happy freakin' shopping.

HFS Love.