Friday, April 07, 2006

Never saw a stage door that I did not burst through, never having had appropriate respect for that Third Wall.
Or is that the Fifth Wall. Wailing Wall. Fifth Wheel. You know, the barricade of Imagine.
At the play last night was, amongst others, directress Debra Cole, and Mike of FLYNN'S fame. Zut alors! Yours Truly shouted internatlly upon seeing him in all his Buddha reserve, serenity.
Katharine and I had business to attend to - getting Annie her much-deserved giant bouquet of pink fleurs. So what if it wasn't yet the end and it was only half-time.
We were running up some institutional stairs, arm-in-arm, when I saw the designating sign on the door. And there we found ourselves, cramped behind a curtain with all the players, hunting for Annie's face in the small crowd. We gave her some hugs, kisses, and left the greenish roomish area. Being an aunt I got the children hepped-up on cookies and Skittles, Jake fishing about for them the whole rest of Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. What did Jake the teen find most engaging about the drama. The talk of boobies. Me, too.
Just got back from photographing a man who has made his life work about mushrooms small, large, fetid, and oso much more. Mushrooms. He does not hunt them, I was told by his über-wife, He says you should get them from the market.

Puffball Love.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Here is the likeness of the Kenmore copy who pulled Yours Truly over today for - of all things - talking on my cellphone. Oh, oops, nope, that is the image of the missing link between sea and land creatures. My mistake.
So there I am talking work matters when I see the flash and dazzle of a new cop car. Me and another were pulled over for same reason. He came back to the car with my rap/plea sheet and sort of - believe this or not - apologized. He said It's not a moving violation at least, you can appeal. Squalling children, loud music, piping hot beverages, I still argue, are more a threat to public safety and well-being than holding a phone to my head. My cellphone, ironically enough, has a speaker phone feature but it's so hard to hear the person that it's usually in front of my head about 8" away. So how is that legal, and having it moved over 6" or so around to one side of my head not.
I rest my case. Onwards. Phone floating in legal car space.

Defendant Love.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yours Truly was tipped off by Pam yesterday that a diploma from Parsons/NSU might be heading my way and lo, behold, there was an oversized cardboard envelope in the side door. A very expensive doc to be sure. Immediate relaying of news to the various followed by immediate query if the doc is framed yet. In lieu of custom framejob by Penny the Framing Mistress I think I might opt for the readymades at Target. I like that this piece of $60K paper will be surrounded by foreign-made glass and wood particles for about $20.
And, always relishing the Ironic, my premier invoice to repay the student loans arrived yesterday. And what a sobering piece of mail that was, it might cut into my shoe budget.
Sped from the teahouse and attendant laughs to the suburban MCU campus where there were snowflakes twirling in the air. I made some ports of a femme in the dramatic arts whose business it is to traipse all over the world for educational purposes and YT thought Hell, sign me up for those frequent flier miles.
Bought the stray cat contingent and the wild birds some healthy snacks en route back to downtown, always searching for Favoured Person Status amongst The Feral.

Feral, suet-rich Love.

Monday, April 03, 2006

In case Yours Truly disappears from this shithole suburban wi-fi centre this perhaps is the suspect of my demise - 70-something, striped shirt, slovenly, has a really filthy iBook, glasses, crooked mustache. Walked in to work on the MCUniversity deadline as I have no *bleepin'* wi-fi on campus and spotted this - shall We say - character across the room. He was all crumpled up on a nearby sofa. As I got to work he shuffled over sputtering about moving things out of my way to which I replied It's fine. He laughed and is now sitting right next to me. I am shoved as far to the right as can be. Yikes and more yikes. Not to beat a homesick horse to death but in the Shiney Apple one's chances of bumping up against a veritable Mr. Creepy like the one to the east of me is fairly slim. I have my headphones on and he just tried asking me if I've ever forgotten my password and that he's downloading . . . something. Online porn the thought bubble over my head queried.
Onwards to my deadline of two back-to-back, enthralling portraitees.

Portraits of Love not appropriate for this skeeved-out moment.

*this just in*
It went away. Here's to The Perfected Really You Could Be Writhing on the Ground with Some Sort of Attack and I Just Really Would Not Give a Flying Phlegm vibe.