Saturday, September 13, 2008

Drove six or so hours in driving rain to arrive in New Paltz, with Heady, for Justy's wedding day.
Just kayaked about the lake, in a ravine surrounded by the Maine aroma of pines.
In an hour will be all gussied up in cocktail dress and spiky heels that Yours Truly has realized was, quite possibly, not the best shoe choice for an outdoor wedding to take place - the true nuptials - on damp grass.
Last night, upon our arrival, ditched the auto and headed into a wine bar.
Then onwards to another, with promising name, Bacchus. Despite its name its wine offerings were marginal and it was time to text Justy to announce the arrival.
So off we drove to meet up with the gang at Le Fevre B&B where we discovered that the assembled had just broken a teak table to bits some how.
Hobnobbed for quite some time until the pending groom slid off to his room, and there was discussion of hot tubbing.
Yours Truly pronounced that this was probably a very terrible idea.
And when inside the B&B searching aimlessly for a WC as I admired the decor, ran into EvaW of way-early Artvoice days. I didn't recognize her at first and when she said HiNancy I just kind of smiled and warbled out a hello.
Onwards we drove up the dark and winding road to Mohonk and, just as I did a few days ago, found myself (and of course YT was minding her own business) driving up a pathway not intended for cars.
A few days ago, on a Shiney Apple gig, drove up a bike path as wide as my vehicle until I asked my co-driver, Jocelyn, if this was in fact a road or bikepath.
Last night Heady and I circled about looking for a P Lot, or a valet person.
Circling around some plantings, the spa, what appeared to be a reception area.
I was just about to ditch the car alongside this historic Victorian building, tuck it into a little shady corner, when suddenly there were two Mohonk Mountain House employees ready to take the car away from us.
It was like our own little privee Indy 50.
Today Nephew and his bandmates perform at Albright-Knox Art G and for that his Auntie is swelling with pride.
Time to transform from champeen kayak lady to over-heeled wedding guest, with cam.

Love of Adventure.