Friday, February 22, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Voilà a few from George Eastman House foray and fieldtrip this past Saturday afternoon with my travel companion du jour to see the bulbs galore. Got a special bonus treat as the GEH was about to have one of their famed wine & fromage openings, for Magnum photog Larry Towell who has many thematically-grouped lush b&w prints hanging.

Larry was there and being documented for his opening and Yours Truly got to speak to him for quite a while, about digital versus analogue for art's sake, travel, travel for art's sake, Tony Bannon, and Bannon traveling for art's sake.
Today was working away shooting campuses in the snow and the sun, a rare duo these Middling City winter days. It's been snowy, but not sunny.
Made some images of Nature mixing it up with the Academy.
Above image shows Roman Hyacinths, a favoured flower of George Eastman. There is a whole longish essay about this floral species by the curator of this year's bulbish display.
They are lithe and were under glass so the only hyacinth vapours YT has to report are those from forced bulbs via Liz.
Memories float over to a nice French, blue glass bottle YT owned several years ago of hyacinth oil that I wore until it went empty.

All for now and all for art.

Hyacinth Love.

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This Just In.
Just went outdoors to observe the lunar eclipse. It is oso beautiful, an orange haze around the moon, light molecules from earthly sunrises and sunsets bouncing all that way over celestial yonder. Thought of photographing that, but YT is just not that type of shooter.
Lunar Love.