Friday, March 11, 2005

Veritas rockus.
Hearing NYC live last night in the 30s-ish theatre in Crackville at Interpol gig was waking dream.
And for the first time ever in my unshockable rock demeanour, near-lifetime of hanging at gigs, backstage tales beyond belief of rockstar hijinx, fraternizing with boys of all rock genres, I shut my eyes during a show to let every molecule of this one song hit me like light therapy (and, speaking of capturing light, shot a few phonal images of the stage and one of them, I pointed out to Laura, resembled images of the WhiteSnake rock inferno a few years back = computerized lights ablaze like so many foam cushions sparked by pyros) and felt emotion well up. Momentary bon voyage to Perfect unshockable rock demeanour.
Proud to report that fellow Interpol people and I drained all scotch out of the Dome. Laura went to refresh and came back with the bad news so it was onto other items.
Had a hell of a time finding the right crack-addled boulevard and wended through the numbered streets and at one point we were approached by a youngish man with wild eyes holding onto a piece of paper like it was real important. Which way to the border, he queried. Like I knew. But I had a guess U-turn, make a left and look for Rainbrow Bridge signs like a pro. And onwards we drifted. Mid-gig I looked at ticket and fuckinlo, behold there was a clue - address.
After the gig Laura and I learned some fun facts about the practice of crack from a humourist manning the front podium of a sketchy gas station. First he pretended to know no english. Then he informs us he lives in Rocheter. Then he points out the copper scrubbing pads avail in shoppe are in high demand in the neighborhood as they're used for stuffing crack pipes. Then he pulls out some small glass "pens" from behind counter. "Pens"? Um, hell no. Crack pipes.
Poetic, life-enhancing, perfect set and encore from Interpol.

Love's Encore.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Latest brilliant thought in a lifetime of chain of them. Newly-sprung, shawl-toting Martha Stewart has her mag Everyday Food and just thought Fercrissakes I too can have a fine shiney oso informative mag = Everyday Chaos.
v1 n1.
Yours truly, offuckincourse, on cover, looking adorable yet mildly tortured.
This entire concept might be reminiscent of Reader's Digest's famed feature Drama in Real Life - a childhood fav, just another factor that made me so who I am.
There is an uncomfortable silence in an office building's elevator, lights blaringly and screamingly awake-driven as four (YT included) grownups stand around a large handcart packed with new reams of paper. There are two men and two women and the woman who is not YT comments Gee, look at all that newww paper. Inane elevator words. A few more seconds of silence and then I look over at the man not operating or about to resume operating the handcart and say You know, if I had lost my foot in that door I would have seen you again in court. A few seconds of silence. Then good old-fashioned laughter. For what happened? Well, I will tell you what. In a gesture of insane kindness I had thrust my right foot over the new reams of paper on the cart towards the shutting stainless steel doors so Skippy could join us. I did not think he appreciated my selfless, near-body-part-losing geture so I mentioned the litigational possibilites that hung in the air like all those fluorescent molecules making our brains sputter with all their miliseconds of bursts of light wave explosions.

Explosive Love.

Monday, March 07, 2005

After a week(end) of reading about transgressive art, or, in common parlance, what might be deemed !shocking, have come to some interesting and deep conclusion.
Nothing, I repeat nothing, is shocking.
Still battling right now (on phone with a rep) with a clerical error on my mortgage payments and escrow overage.
One envelope + two tickets + one address = massive corporate chaos.
OK, now that's cleared up. Hip hip.
Back to the transgressive.
Thinking about the Chelsea art couple, dealers of all things artful, who said that they thought our MFA class's work is safe, not taking chances, is not messy. Harumph.
Transgressive is cliché right about now.
Thanks for your attention in this matter.
Had coffee yesterday with Laura who suggested wisely a trip of sorts to be inspired to make and do. Think this is a suggestion most sanguine and, as luck might have had it, super discount trips to gai Paris were noted in today's online digiworld.
Paris. Art. Dreams of photographing people walking through beams of sun (oops, first typed sin) at Grand Central.

Love Central.