Friday, February 15, 2008

O where o where did the little stinky and fluffy sheep of Yours Truly go.
When I gaze at this image of my Perfect Bo Peep self YT think Ahh, I could have had a fine and rewarding career upon the boards, as they say in the theatre biz.
In this month's Harpers is a piece about Frances Bean Cobain, the little child of the man who changed rock in the 90s, and that rock & roll diva, Courtney Love.
The girl has a moonish face, and does not in the least resemble the image that YT made of her when she was but a tot, in the arms of her nanny, as Hole performed at The Tralf in the Middling City. FBC had little tot sonic-banning earmuffs upon her head, her little hands raised up to keep them in place, mom a car wreck on stage, weeping, wailing, ripping her clothing, and performing in stops and starts. Kurt (who YT also photographed about a month before he blew his complex brain to bits) was just departed so the grief in the room was fresh.
Ended Valentine's Day drinking a Perfect bottle of Veuve with Heady, Sparky, Jeremy, as a very white and snowy puppy slumbered under my cashmere sweater.
I propose that today, the day following Saint Valentine's Day, be celebrated with ash smudges right over the heart. As those who celebrate/participate in Ash Wednesday the day after Mardi Gras walk about with smudges on their foreheads.
If this becomes a new hot holiday trend do recall that you heard this first on epinw, harbingerpress of sorts of all things Perfect, novel, loveful.

Smudgy Love.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Roses are oftimes red,
violets are striped,
Love You from head,
to feet that are wiped.

Love Love, Love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where o where has Yours Truly truly been.
Living a life most cinematic, I tell You.
And - most importantly - Happy, Snappy Saint Valentine's Day Eve.
Photographed our handsome, spry, quick-witted New York gov today, Eliot.
Made some images as he entered the building we all awaited in from overhead and as he stepped off the elevator YT warmly enthused Hi, ELIOT. To his delighted, delightful smile.
Then onwards to points beyond for meets, greets, glads, handshakes, happys, moments.
Pal Jenna C. spoke most sweetly about her edu, fam, and more. Told her I shall email her some images of her on the dais, and afterwards Eliot spoke to Jenna to say to get in touch with him for some career ops. She has that special glow and I will not be shocked to learn that Jenna C. is in a Washington bureau in the future.
Way back to Mardi Gras.
I worked for SoCo and their local repping co. to make some fab images of various reps, girls passing out beads, the local version of a Mardi-Gras parade, and oso much more.
Later in the evening made some images of not only madness, but an alligator dish in a chafing dish at one Croc Bar.
Get it.

Had much fun talking to people all over, including the Middling City's roller derby girlies, one of their intra-teams - The Suicidal Saucies. They joined the SoCo caravan so everywhere we went the Suicidal Saucies were sure to follow.
Ate some M-G food, did not drink the SoCo.
Kennedy picked YT up after gig was over but not before YT had a kooky asthma-style attack in Level (filled to the rafters with faux smoke), and nearly witnessing a reveler who fell on his face but did witness a dozen emergency folks carting his carcass away to ECMC.
Then this past week there was the readying for not only my annual slammin' Red Dinner ... now in its 12th vibrantly crimson year ... but Peep Show, the charity event for Squeaky Wheel.
Mucho helpo from my book club girlies made the dinner oso much easier, major smooches to Heady, Jana, Annie, Mish.
Amongst the sanguine Red Diners were artists, a judge, a few attorneys, a framer (not of a Constitution), some parents, a high school cohort, and some writerly types.
For Peep Show enlisted the painting assistance of my sister and together we handpainted a backdrop for my Polaroid (oh, this is nothing to joke at, YT is devastated by the dismal news that Polaroid is a goner) booth whereby revelers could, for a small fee, Be Bo Peep.
This idea came to me in the midst of a snooze.
Early in the event's ride YT thought to herself I must be nuts, for who in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks will want to don a Bo Peep costume or two YT-made Sheap Beanies and pose in front of a bucolic backdrop.
Well, I write to You, a lot of people.
If there was a couple the man would insist on being Bo Peep.
Or his date would insist that he be Bo Peep.
As is custom, I gave my little helpers and guests and special customers little sipperoonies of tequila.
It is time to wend my way to an authentico German restaurant nestled deep in the scary section of the M.C.
Onwards to spaetzle.

Starchy, Cinematic Love.

post script::
Here is YT from this past week with thee Harold Ford, Jr., chair of the Democratic Leadership Council, who YT photographed with many others hungry to learn more about our nation's democratic processes.