Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hyacinth Juice, Inspiration, Blue

Hyacinth Juice, 2011 ©Nancy J. Parisi

Off to Peep Show, a somewhat-annual fundraising fete, at the big early 20th-century box that appears as if would be at home on the Shiney Apple's Park Avenue instead of the bereft Genesee Street where it is near Jefferson Avenue which is itself devoid of its past, and filling up with new plastic houses which many in the Middling City tout as progress.
As is my wont, YT has created another fun-filled and money-raising instant photo installation - Café Complicated as the theme of this Peep Show is It's Complicated.
I made two oversized to-go paper coffee cups in coffee with creme brown (read: cardboard) and with white tops emulating the toxic white plastic that YT sips from each and every happy day.
sidebar: A friend of YT asked what indeed happened to Stevie Wonder, who was truly wondrous up through the late 70s. 
Paul McCartney, YT stated in assured tones.
For indeed it is the truth.
When McCartney got his lyrics and smarm all over Stevie we see what happened: Ebony and Ivory.
I rest my case.
So Peep Show is about 5 minutes away as is my destination - it was requested of artists to be there for the pre-Peep Peep so it makes for one long night indeed. My helper, Shewwy, will arrive at about 8 and we will sell little wee instant photos (Fuji photos, not Polaroids) for $5 each in adorable little folders.
People/participants/patrons may select from several tags that they will use to tag their cups: things that may define them or their secret selves. 
One fav is one created by Heady: Drunkalatte, sure to be a top seller.
Time to make and do, do, and do.

Creating Love.