Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Working, of freakin' course, on The Book and yesterday found images alongside Niagara River on the tip of Grand Island, where Israel might have been located.
The above image shows an inlet of marshlike proportions, where egrets, cranes, heron hang out on rocks and wade up to their knees in muck.
Off on the hazy horizon the Middling City is visible.
Yeterday's final gig was of a singing troupe of note.
Like the singers who appeared on the Lawrence Welk show, they wear matching attire.
The troupe's collective sense of humour was quite hilarious.
We had a photo shoot in a rather humid auditorium of a regional small private college and by the end Yours Truly was ready for a gallon of water.
One of the troupe's male members attempted to - or rather, did - tell an off-colour joke to the chagrin of every single person in the room.
He forged on towards the punchline, and it involved an ethnic group, a sex toy, and chipped teeth.
The entire front row groaned as he began this horrid joke, assuredly they had been treated to his jokiness before.
Today made ports of an anesthesiologist, and one of my set-ups was with a machine used in the 40s. Four valves, color-coded: helium, nitrous oxide, and I forget the others.
This did not assuage my fear of being put to sleep - in the human, not canine, sense.
Onwards to Jamie Lembeck's memorial service, Canada, and points above, below, and beyond.

Never ever beyond Love.

Monday, July 07, 2008

During yesterday's second gig, a political portrait making session in the midst of the Middling City's Japanese Gardens tucked behind the Historical Society and alongside the lake that was troublingly chartreuse, spotted these clover nestled up in a tree.
Nature, ever full of surprises.

Heard from KennethJ last night, who is still living in Amsterdam, NL after eight years. He, he tells me, is now a father. No word if he's still making art and music - yet.
I do still enjoy the piece I purchased from him, part of my arm/hand collection.
Not to be confused with my tree collection.

Readying for the Hallwalls members's show, always a fun exhib to be part of, it a mishmash of pieces straddling the theme.
This year's theme is an anagram of Barack Obama's name - Karma Cab Boa.
I tried to make another, better anagram of his name to no result.
Not sure if I'll be doing drawing or pixelpushing for this, maybe former.

Time to push onwards editing the ports made yesterday of a politico who I greatly enjoy talking to, a challenger.

Pushing Pixels, Love.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Last night's surprise fete was a treat, the 30th of Robert, thrown by Steve.
Arrived with bottle of champ (bien sur) in bejeweled gift bag and helped three others get things shaped into a party as we debagged 30 candles, cups, plates, balloons, mardi gras-style necklace for Robert, and more.
Following Steve's written instructions, hidden in his apartment, constructed the punch: 1 bottle of Sierra Mist (that kiddie bevvie that Yours Truly had never tried, in part due to its horrific name), some cranberry juice, some orange juice.
So I stepped back and looked at it, a strange orange-pink, bubbling.
I asked the other pre-party helpers if there was any booze. We searched the cabinets and finally found a bottle of good vodka. I dumped maybe a third of it into the punch asking Moriah Did Steve intend this punch to be non-alcoholic.
When a couple arrived I basically insisted that they try the punch.
In part to see if they got a wanging punch of vodka.
They did not.
YT added more vodka.
We hid in the kitchen.
Robert noted that some chairs had been moved and asked upon entering with Steve Hey what's going on, those chairs weren't there.
But he was surprised.
Really, really surprised.
I told Robert his Retaliation Party could happen in March, for Steve's b-day.
When I arrived at the apartment saw Roy & Sionen, Norman & Steve as the latter also live in the same building.
Ahh, the joys of life in the intertwined/interwined Middling City community.
Time to hit a front porch for a coffee gathering before the day's gigs.

Interwined Love.

+ this just in.
Merci beaucoup to NYT for writing up CocoRosie.
Create a Pandora station for same and You will be sans distress, swimming in a curious folkie galloping pool of musings.