Saturday, May 31, 2008

(For absolute, complete erudition about above, go here).

Well, there Yours Truly was, minding her very own beeswax, scooping up the Middling City News in its festive orange plastic wrapping.
Unfurled the paper to see - OMG - my head above the banner.
In pose crafted this past week with SharonC, holding aloft a small plate of my famed Red Devil Eggs. (1 part hard-boiled eggs, dollops of mayonnaise, jars of red caviar)
Separated sections and then *ka-pow* there was YT again, half-paged.
A few newspeople emailed promptly with OMGs about the size of said likeness.
YT, ever-inquisitive, compared and contrasted the half-page likeness that appeared in the past week of the now-defunct, long-serving (sexist, racist, anti-intellectual) mayor Jimmy Griffin.
My head wins.
My head is larger.
And, as the accompanying story is about the annual Red Dinner created by YT, there are images in colour. His front page screamer photo was printed in black & white.
The newspaper rarely runs photos in larger sizes so it's a rarity, something all urbane denizens note with curious, designcraft abandon.
As I told a pal, there are no misquotes that have me looking at new homebase destinations.
In the past YT has been severely misquoted by reporters for the paper but not today, the day that the 21st annual Artists & Models comes together for one glorious, art party burst of creative high times.
Many details, images, descriptions to follow - I'm fairly certain in a post-party haze of laughter, adrenaline, and tequila breath.

Jubilant Love.

Friday, May 30, 2008

These pieces are entitled Hand and Hanging Grapes, and Hands and Scary Licorice. The Creeleys purchased a copy of the latter.

Voi-freakin-là the two images selected by Jerry for a pending art exhib at Kenan Center, opening in August. Artists who make snappy work centering on food.
Today is the birth anniversary of Kennedy and cannot wait to give him his excellent presents. I, quite possibly, get more excited about birthdays than anyone I know.
For that I am proud.
Setting up of the sanitarium went quite nicely amid the rubble and dust and other effluvium that is Central Terminal.
My sister and I painted a backdrop and Geo did some manipulation of seamless and other materials, and Jana came and helped with the fine tunation of how the flow will flow in the installation tomorrow evening at Unhinged.
Many images certainly to follow.
Did go online, in an experiment of sorts, and ordered yet more Polaroid 600 film that Yours Truly is Perfectly hoarding.

Hordes of Love.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What in h-e-double-Stanley-Cup-Finals-parallel-hockey-sticks is this image.
Well, I will tell You.
This is: AEDM, nouvelle pal SherryB, Yours Truly, and Sparky. All smilingly captured at Ani Hoover's and AJ Fries's swingin' studio party this past samedi soir at 701 Seneca Street. The ol' Larkin Soap Factory.
This was sent over by SherryB, who may be one of The Nurses for my installation at Artists & Models.
Who else was at the A/AJ studio soirée.
Gordo, Bryan, Todd&Steph, Jana&Deano, Kerly, Ed, Cheryl, and a plethora of other bon vivants and demi-n'er-do-wells.
And cheeses galore, as mentioned previously.

Sometimes Yours Truly really and truly self-amazes.
Today, for example, YT decided to finally check out what was creeping over the edge of her left black ballet flat.
What appeared to be a lining, beige in colour, revealed itself to be a form-keeping piece of cardboard made after shoe in question left the factory in China where it was assembled from dyed cow hides, petroleum-based plastic soles, and the like.
A piece of cardboard.
No wonder the left shoe was a little irritating to the foot.
Just fired off an email to the nurses-to-Artists & Models-be about appropriate uniform regalia, tequila and Polaroid policies.

Yesterday the Middling City News came to the YT World Headquarters to interview me about Red Dinner, the annual hoopla that brings together both a smorgasbord of wondrously wonderful people, and a smorgasbord of red foods - all prepared by moi.
I fired up the stovetop and made a small batch of my totally famous Nance's Red Devil Eggs - made with red caviar.
The reporter, JaneK, kind of turned a little red and declined a try.
Sharon, on the other hand, as intrepid and creative photog type, took the plunge ... and loved the little squidgy treats.

Jerry Mead was over after the MCNews gals and there was overlapping and Jerry pronounced his like of Nance's Red Devil Eggs, and ate one.
The cockles of my heart were warmed through.
Jerry picked two of the Touching Green series - hanging grapes, and Hands and Scary Licorice. The latter was purchased by Penelope & Bob Creeley as she, as some did, had an odd association with the nonpareils captured in the piece.
The show opens late August at Kenan Center (that's Center, not Centre) and includes others who make work about food.

Time to wend, and make more pixel-related happy times.

Happy, Pixel Pixie Love, Love.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yesterday, a portion of it anyhoo, became Studio Management Moment, a slight variation (although similar of focus) of Pixel Management: order, and delivery of happiness.
Did not find anything forgotten, although I did finally unearth the lost pair of secondary lunettes underneath some cam-related cords and the like.
This is the pair of lunettes purchased up in TO whilst up there with Karen to see a full day and pair of eyeballs' worth of films, docs, and movies.
Yesterday evening made some fine portraits of Steve Kurtz of recent dismissal fame for the Shiney Happy Mag.

One day motoring down Steve's street it occurred to me that his home's facade is rather iconic at this point - see the image used for his pending Hallwalls show, Seized. The corner of Mass and College was transformed into HazMat @ FreakOut with a guy being de-scuzzed in his HazMat ensemble as curious/bemused/empathetic neighbors look on.
As Steve and Lucia pointed out last evening, the neighbor's are within legshot of this mysterious anti-bacteria chem that is being sprayed with abandon.
So, here is Steve on his porch, in very a very different phase of his life.
He said last night that he feels that he is in the midst of a type of post-traumatic stress disorder. Assuredly, he is.
His Hallwalls gig opens on Saturday, June 7th with usual hoopla.
I plan on spending time with him the week of the installation and making more images of him during said op.

Last night, after Kurtz ports, and dinner with Annie, headed over to AJ and Ani's studio party and ended up staying there long enough to meet some new characters, visit with several friends, learn some new fun facts, and skip the bands at Adam Mickeys'.
Some of the SGB girls and I spoke to a guy we saw at Adam Mickey's on Dyngus Day, a man who was enthralled with the op to speak to a grouping of interesting ladies en masse.
And he rose to the occasion, bragging about how he loves to love the ladies.
So last night I asked him if he did recall his spiel about Pleasure.
He assured me that he did not.
Annie went on to paraphrase a not-so-funny joke he told us about the diff between Polish and German people stuck on a deserted island. Proof that he may have indeed enjoyed some bragadoccio this past DD.
I met a feisty femme who regaled Yours Truly with a tale about having a wee bit too much tequila and literally kicking a guy out her car - while it was motoring along Pine Street in Niagara Falls.
I liked her sass.
I asked if she'd like to be one of my arts and crafts ladies during Artists & Models.
I told her she could not let people leave my installation unless they'd decorated the folders that their Polaroids will be sold to them in, to her approval.
Kerly and Sparky showed up, AJ and Ani were doing the host-hostess dance of skirmishing about making sure to replenish the cheese boards and such.
As Ani knows circles, AJ knows cheese.

Just back from a quick jaunt to see the still-unfinished, newly-opened Erie Canal Terminus and scatterbrained environs.

YT finds it rare that wall/site-notes really explicate matters at hand.
There are some large holes left in the terminus narrative, but it's a fab start.
One real klunker are the large plastic letters on the steel bridge that spell out COMMERCIALSLIP. The wiring to make them glow is hanging. These words really cheapen up the joint.
A lunch counter or dining option other than the onsite hotdog pushcart should be next on the docket.

Docked Love.