Thursday, July 26, 2007

Here is the entry of Yours Truly for this year's Hallwalls Members's Show, lovingly entitled Photo-Realistic Hound Mauls the Ankle of Artemis.
Onwards to drop this framed little number into the curatorial hands of John Massier.

Editorial Love.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yours Truly has just returned from a portfolio showing, the artist/freelancer version of show & tell.
This juncture presented the general book, as opposed to the event book, to highlight YT as an artist type who shoots inanimate objets parfaitment. Such as jewelry.
After two hours of talk, show, tell, look, listen, I believe I may be shooting a series of bijouxcentric p-cards for a direct mail campaign, if my proposal is accepted. Have to formulate and call it in tomorrow. Props, shoot time, design time of postcards have to be meted.
Did not get my drawing of Artemis completed for the Hallwalls members's show, opening this pending Saturday and, as I'm not in the Hamptons with the rest of the book club girls, have a greater interest in submitting a concept of an updated Artemis - especially after researching her a bit.
Gadzooks I murmured as I retrieved the mail, believing I'd been found out after all these years by the high school. They know how to reach me for reunions of sorts but not for donations or newsletters. I am a demi-Lost Mountie. I occasionally threaten Loomis to blow her in.
She is a verified Lost Mountie.
The piece of mail causing such consternation came from a rival, cross-town school bearing a strikingly similar name and set of initials. This newsletter came to my home office hovel by chance and, Sharpeying that the recip is not at this locale, am sending it on its private, teen-addling, horn-tooting way.
Summer sails along and coming soon to the Middling City is one of its finest events, Garden Walk, whereby one gets to meander through gardens pro bono and pro flora inspirations.

Flowery, Goodly Love.