Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Senatorial Snakepit. Or Straight Versus Bow.

Senatorial Snakepit: Ties, ©Nancy J. Parisi, 2010

There Yours Truly was, as is my forever wont, minding mine own business, when the 3Gpokey iPhone rang.
YT was enmeshed in a trad most American: riding the rails.
It was a call from those nice Shiney Apple public relations men who hire YT to make & do for matters political and this episode was to feature in my sights a senator.
Or is that Senator.
The name of the politico is not important, nor is it the focus of this tale-ette.
Rather, what was most of interest to YT, besides getting the needed and requisite images of the Senator, was how the senatorial aid emerged from the SUV with a snakepit of ties in his hands.
YT, as is my politico-image-wrangling wont (and this is understood by any politico worth their weight in rubber chicken dinners) suggests a selection of ties and shirts and jackets.
One photo shoot will yield the most ops and options when there is a bevy of ties to change with every new moment: solids, reps, patterns, significant icons all a must.
Usually a man keeps his ties flat, or well hung.
My eyebrow - the left one - just went a little skyward.
YT, if I were a man, and especially a man running for office, might be keeping my ties a little less entangled.
And, if I were a man, I might be inclined to go for the bow tie.
But, come to think of images that come to mind, not many candidates are seen - and shown - campaigning in bow ties.
The Senator had another busy day, and an NPR interview on the docket for later that afternoon, so perhaps was not aware that his best and favoured ties were in an airborne heap.
Some of the ties needed a careful smoothing during the day, and, as I mention on occasion to those who book me, it might be better at times to book a femme photog rather than one of XY persuasion: a woman looks out for errant threads and the like.
And, on a related, sartorial note: YT once again was inside the gown of a bride (and one of her bridesmaids) doing major repair work in situ as there were some structural troubles. And, in the case of the bridesmaid, a seamstress left a 2" (no exaggeration) pin sticking out of a seam around the arm. YT requested - and was rushed (it was 20 minutes to show time) a wire cutter and cut that foreign object down to a nub.

All in a photog day's work.

Sartorial, Senatorial Love.