Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quel week.
A spicy and savory blend of happenings, gigs, and wendings.
Took a few jaunts with Kennedy, back out to one of our fav midday Nature enjoyment joints, Reinstein Woods, where Yours Truly saw a luminous green frog among the flora and fauna. And some of the oldest trees in the state, miraculously standing as all of their surrounding areas are big box industry.
Discovered Murphy Orchards as I worked on my next story for the Shiny Happy Mag, a piece about - get this - jams and jellies.
Spent about an hour talking with Carol Murphy who revealed that she doesn't like bread, or jams and jellies.
And then I revealed that I am also not a fan of bread, jams, or jellies.
But on occasion it's necessary to eat a PBJ - as it was this week.
Bought a bag of Murphy Orchards wares that YT will certainly eat, and give as a few gifts, and it all totaled under $20.
Made some lovely images of valleys, a farm dog, some other curios.

Among the week's gigs was one of nurses in a hospital training room - and me and the AD deemed it quite inappropriate to have the faux human in the room as he either appeared too lifelike, or it was overkill to have a body in the shot.
Sometimes it is the idea of a body that is enough.
So the faux human was hustled out of bed, after being disconnected from his computer, and lugged to the hallway, where he rested on an examining bed near the elevators.
YT could not resist making some images of the faux man, including this one of his faux feet, replete with faux gangrene.

Kennedy and I also went to peer at the contents of the Aud's time capsule that was cornerstoned in 1939.
Nobody could tell me anything about the golden ring that was amongst the deed, plans, program, newspapers bound with twine and opened to shocking news du jour, resolutions, and the like.
This is all in the new Community Gallery of the Middling City's Hysterical Society. And YT, already a proud BECHS member, is joining the charter Doctor Lalli Circle to fund shows for this new venue.

Spent most of yesterday up in Canada and returned to dine and then to karaoke with a bunch of friends and acquaintances and singers. This was the last stage of the birthday week celebrations for Annie and we all sang our darnedest as we occasionally batted about beachballs that were onhand to promote 500 Days of Summer.
A nice lady also gave everyone tshirts emblazoned with the movie's motto which YT really cannot recall at this time.
And, as seems to be the case with all karaoke moments, there was a cowboy in the house.
He was of the leather hat variety.
As we left the owner gave us all verrrry friendly hugs.
I so believed in the creative possibilities of belting out the jubilant PYT by MJ (which YT has dubbed thee song of this summer), but it was a case of entering a song and suddenly realizing Holy Crap there are a lot of words in this tune.
Sherry co-sung and all in all it was a hilarious lovefest with but one klunker - Annie was most displeased that the karaoke jockey cut off one of her tunes too quickly.


It is a beautiful day and there are billions of pixels to be managed, a dual baby naming to attend with whitefish salad to eat, and gardens to be coerced, and another party to be fabulous at.

At Love.