Saturday, May 07, 2005

Here is my art statement story, and I'm sticking to it:

My digital video work is an exploration of narrative and non-narrative possibilities, of images made that are near-still creating a poetic rhythm of anticipation. Thematically and literally the work focuses on the organic, or green, presences around us in sometimes fabricated circumstances, merging them architecturally, metaphorically or texturally with non-organic forms. I am also inspired by the element of chance in everyday living, the visual stimulation surrounding us all.

Fired that off to JR yesterday, for the thesis show in the Shiney Apple in August. About to foray into my netherworld, the place where art goes from idea to acquisition then onwards to something edited and more tangible and finished. Off for looking, shooting, trignometric study of the landscape nearby.

Tentet last night magical, them in three formations each set. Arrived to discover a rapt and huge audience hung onto notes as if at a poetry happening. It was perfect. Tonight are all ten at once, and ten times the decibels. Peter Brøtzmann gave me and Kennedy cd's and a card game he invented - Images - whereby a deck of cards with appropriated and created images are shuffled and used to create actions. A list of directives help keep it flowing and these are halftimes for musical gestures. He is truly an amazing man, and he has an exhibition of his work in November.

Create, time to create. The flowers yell color and the wind is low and the odd surrounds are beckoning to me Use us, use us.

Used Love.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Been carting about jazz musicians for Kennedy's dual Hallwalls meets Middling City Hysterical Society gigs tonight and tomorrow. Guys from all over merging for some free jazz love.
Gigs actually - shockingly! - received great press today in Middling City News and the music critic Jeff Simon actually praised the collaborative efforts (thanks to Yours Truly's usual planning prowess) of both institutions for coming together for what will prove to be some historical musical moments.
Scanning as We speak, images from yesterday's dedication of a long project recreating in bronze some frieze work made by one way-past MC artist, Chaz Rumsey.
The scanner was not at all cooperating and after much wrenching of face, cords, search for installation software did the ol' restart. To fab results.
Just completed Beth Dearest's artist statement for our pending thesis show and it's high time to pen mine own. Memory. Duration. Time. Keywords.
Time for deadline turbo-powered burning, editing, delivering. Then perhaps more more more caffeinated beverage.
Things are falling into place for summer Shiney Apple dwell. JR says it's all about me, all about the art. What could be better. Now to create time to create.

Creative Love.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

This AM phoned Dragon Boy to wish him one fine Cinquo de B-Day and we spoke for the first time in mos. and mos. - and loffed and loffed. But we are still in the NoGoZone and that is the way it is. He is 34. He is Solvent. To that I said Ummmm, yes, you told me that already and congrats for that. We then discussed our respective hangovers as that's the way of it, of us, was of us.
And to dangle what the story was:
(from The Tell by YT)
I imagine, beyond imagining, I know it as well as I know the spaces of what I lose on a night of binging like a conventioneer as he does in cycles, that he ruminates on where our steadiness faltered, how the dysfunction worked, and what I never told.

And to that a good night, a good 5/5.

5/5 Love.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Special Memo to All Musicians, Bands and the Like:
If Yours Truly requests a special tune, namely WipeOut, a drummer's paradise so to speak, and your respective band/combo/whatevertet features a drummer of merit then please comply. To not honour such request not only displeases me but spreads minor bad karma as this is one of the world's premier party songs and drummers, the underloved band member, need to let off a little showcasing steam.
Thanks for your attention in this matter.

Onwards to the business of dreams. Next item on agenda for this blogpost.
Champagne-fueled dreams featured an upper middleclass femme first shoving me in the kitchen of Kennedy and then lunging for and threatening YT with the knife. It turns out this hulking woman was a fan of crack and her friend, accompanying her and watching the domestic chaos was apologizing for her pal's behaviour. Be understanding. Be empathetic. Fuck no. I called the cops after I told Kennedy what had transpired. Cops searched the house and found Ms. Knife hiding in the basement. All you dream enthusiasts have fun with this.

On an errand today saw Nate en route to his joint, balancing snack and keys and forgot to tell him the new Tori has grown on me. And, as rock is now on the agenda. Has anyone noted that Liam Gallagher is morphing into Ringo Starr. Just received SPIN for now and it's clear as a good digital image that's that what's happening with his facial molecules.

Molecular Love.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Art. Nature.
NJP @ central park
Words cannot begin to describe how ecstatic I am at this moment - You are witnessing exciting history as I finally, finally!, post a jpeg to epinw.
This is Yours Truly in Central Park, documented pre-artwork make by Little Laura.
The night before was supping with steaks and scotch and this is a sunny day with what she refers to as Swamp Thing emanating from Frederick Law Olmsted-placed rocks. He was working out. It was 45º.
Today in the Middling City it is much the same.
Now, lest You think I am procrastinating very badly, or very well, this uploading of images is an exercise in work-relatedness and I am thinking the site that will host my images, BuzzNet, is how I am going to post my research project for the online miasma.

Historical Love.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

So, in its entirety, is the Perfect pome, about YT, sent to epinw h.q. by its maker, Robert Nesbitt. Replete with odd spacings along the page opted out of.

The Photographer (to Nancy Parisi)

What has happened?

I always wonder if that's you
or someone who looks like you
with a camera

How do you maintain
so perfectly
unobtrusive, invisible

of course it serves you
and you have cultivated . . .

a magic garden of skills
blossoms flash
dazzling the eye of the beholder

Capture moments more concisely
than the quantum physicist
not breaking
but stabilizing
bearing new dimension
by forgiving one

Um, what the f-bomb can I say but Hell YEAH, I sure do have a magic garden of skills and what gal doesn't want to be compared to a quantum physicist.
Shot a few events yesterday, including the famed Oozefest at Middling City U in a gentle downpour and, as is always tradition, several young male co-eds opened wide their arms as if to grab me in their teasing muddy embrace to which I always disappoint by not squealing and just giving them a much diluted version of the PaintMelt Stare. Then moved on hours later to a wedding day, capturing that second when the magic words are spoken and ka-poof a couple becomes married. Read between lines here, Yours Truly feels this is nonsense. A public and already-known pledge of ongoingness is a beautiful thing but a couple doing so has already done this between them. But a swell party usually does follow.
Magic words include moment of saying This is over, I quit, I love you, Yeah sign me up, etc.
It's an Interpol day and it's time time time to go make some digvid art happen.

Happening Love.