Saturday, May 21, 2005

As we say in the biz, Gee Willikers, whomever happened to be epinw reader numero 20000 please speak up as I'm sure there's a prize around here somewhere for you. And a friendly reminder that Yours Truly never put a counter on epinw until well into the second year so really the count and amount (a wry ref to Dialing for Dollars - a slice of Middling City television arcania) would be higher.
Second off the amazing and stellar and tear-wrangling news is that Neil Diamond, epicenter of the universe, is working with Rick "pleez breath relevance into my career bro" Rubin. And RR knows, understands the austere beauty of Neil's early work.
A quote from today's NYT article:

In fact, the two men have much in common. Both are transplanted New Yorkers, dropouts from New York University. Both have played with the ethnic and racial makeup of American music, Mr. Diamond as the star of the 1980 "Jazz Singer" remake, Mr. Rubin as producer of the Beastie Boys. Mr. Diamond grew up wanting to be a doctor; Mr. Rubin, a lawyer. When they eventually met in 2003, in Mr. Rubin's house in the Hollywood Hills, Mr. Diamond was impressed by the living room. "It's only got a Steinway piano and a huge Buddha that goes up to the ceiling and out about half the wall," he said. "And a rug in the middle of the floor, and that's it. I've been thorough a few of these, uh, transcendental situations before, and I understood where he's coming from, what can I say?"

Neil, a transcendentalist.

Allright, let us all collectively forget the surreal memory of Neil in blackface in Jazz Singer but otherwise it is a fine article. Rubin, a wise wise man.

So, being a Diamond Girl and all, I do know that Neil is coming to the Middling City late August and I really must get some tix soon as assuredly it'll be packed. Part(y)ing thought: Cherry Cherry. Only one of the world's most perfect songs.

Cherry Cherry Love.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Special combo blogpost - begun Thursday, finished Friday.

Finally, I found a cop. In Canada, the fair land to the north of the Middling City, that's an OPP officer. And there he was, in a well-equipped ride (probably inside and out like that of the Niagara Co's Coroner), idling outside - of all freakin' things - a donut shop. In Canada, the fair land to the north, that is donut shoppe.
I was lost. And, if You truly and perfectly know Me, You know that this could be an eventuality when faced with an unknown highway. And Canada wasn't helping, having created a highway system so faceless and so intertwined with the same and recurrent artifacts to make the NYS thruway look like a charming two-lane country road.
So I was on the 407 ETR (that's Electronic Toll Road to the newbies) heading back to the Middling City for a gig and a vino engagement and was heading west/ouest. For miles and smiles and miles until I thought that the next roadway should have been making itself known and, sans helpful distance markers or signage, it was all one stinkin' guess. So west/ouest then thoughts of No, it's east/est. Then more miles/kilometres. Then the cop.
So I pull up snugly next to his car and am waving around my MapQuested print-out like I was contemplating tossing it into his vehicle. He snatched the paper out of my hand with a smile and draws me directions. One straight line. One line and the number 407 underneath. You'll be on the 407 in one minute, straight ahead. Then stay on it for 45 minutes.
45 minutes mine arse, I had a gig to get to and vino afterwards to engage in. So with the keeping up with the Canadian drivers at high speeds it was more like half that. Then onwards to photograph over-the-top and tipsified law students glowingly celebrating the demise of their educations and such. Read: commencement.
Shot one of the season's final commencement this afternoon. No senator. No repeated speech. No beach balls flying overhead for this was the dignified pomp and circumstantial and velvet cap-wearing of med students.
Best quote: medicine is art and science.
Art: science and zen. No medicine.
Well, the recreational sorts.

Sorted Love.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

So, here's a visual treat for Your perusal, a fine image from Middling City U, parked outside the commencement ceremonies. Why, I ask, was the coroner on site.
Why does the coroner drive such a bitchin' ride.
Why, look at how squat Yours Truly appears in the hi-gloss surface.

Surface of Love.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

To be filed today under O for Oh, No! Not That Anecdotal Story... Again.
Today's gig, Middling City U's general commencement ceremony (read: multiple hours, multiple grads, multiple mortarboards), included a special message from NYS senator Chuck Shumer. Or is that Schumer. You look it up. Anyhoo. Moving along into the proceedings I tell one of my boy colleagues, Derek, You know, I bet he'll be telling the same anecdotal story I've heard three times to date. He needs a remindful booster shot. You know, I begin, the story about the scholarship. The trip around the world. The dusting yourself off. The not getting the girl. His face lights up. YES! I think I HAVE heard that story. I said Well if you've been on the commencement tour you sure as hell have. So the senator begins. I turn to Derek You see, the same story. He still didn't get the girl. One wizened audience member shouted out Take the scholarship, nearly derailing his narrative choo-choo.
Saw Elliott there, in cap and ballgown, looking quite beleagured under the ceremonial garb. I heard someone calling my name and there was his cinematic face.
It should be noted here that as the platform party made their way past Yours Truly many of them greeted me as if I were master of ceremonious hoopla or some such thing. Why, even the senator of repetitive anecdote shook my hand after quickly deciding, I could see, not to give YT a kiss on the cheek. His handshake had my very important hand, the one responsible for lifestyle, &c, nearly shaking. A grip to be sure.
Here I must end.
The online course is done and if I was sure that You would read my brilliance I would post it below. But You would only not read the whole fucking thing, you would not glow at me about it. And I do so deserve it for creating a new branch of aesthetics. Voilà thesis.
Onwards I must float.
JW,Esq it's your turn for correspondence and I do hope this publique shaming hastens such. Or perhaps your head is far too emburdened with things litigational, corporation takeoverish, or rockish.

I rest my case, my adrenalized self-employed and over-achieving case.

Cases of Love.