Friday, June 20, 2008

Thought it was high time to share a recent favoured image, gleaned from an online image bank. I like how glowingly Obama appears alongside Kennedy. And this is, obviously, weeks before it was discovered that he has a brain tumor.
This was when the stumping gloves were on and both Obama and Clinton suspected they were the chosen nominee.
Technically, there could be a change in nominee. Until all delegates have pledged their support, and votes are tallied, there could be an unlikely change.
Hi refusal of public money for his campaign is honorable and the R's should also pledge to spare the public the financing of presidential campaigns. Obama has shown the power of online fundraising. And blah blah, an R pal said Oh, here he goes, showing his true colours already, changing his position and going against his (campaign financing) word. I wholeheartedly disagree.

Speaking of the high-flying world of finance, all is coming together for the benefit that I'm helping to coordinate - Paws for Charlie. I named the event, and You know what a fan I am of the homonym. So there You have it - Paws/Pause. Dig.
The event is 7.13.08 and money will be gathered together to purchase a companion dog for Charlie, a three-year old with autism, and will go toward funding programming for Buffalo Companion Animal Network.

Just ran to CEPA to finally pick up my Josh Marks piece. Unwrapped it and had forgotten what it looks like, how large it is. It will have to be shoehorned into the collection somehow. Back to the home office hovel spotted a resident of the Middling City's historic Old First Ward in a nearly-vintage NYNEX Premium Goods t-shirt, giveaways years ago. And, whilst marveling, thought There is no other MC neighborhood that has residents in these PG shirts. Recently, I spotted another resident in same. And I'm sure that these two separate individuals and PG shirt wearers are not sharing closet space.


Premium, Good Love.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whilst wending this fine day bumped (visually) into Sue of ShoeFly fame, who handed me a flyer for her first-ever Stiletto Run. A .5K Stiletto Run to benefit Ovarian Cancer research this Saturday.
Yours Truly would just enjoy and love to engage in a Stiletto Run from Bidwell Parkway and Elmwood to the confines of ShoeFly but YT is ultra-overscheduled for that verysame day.
Here is a link to take you to Sue's Stiletto Run site.
The charity du jour - or, in actuality du mois - and members of SolidGoldBookers is Paws for Charlie.
YT designed the fetching logo and made the blog for the bennie.
Read it, love it, attend it.
How is that for primo adspeak.
Today I made the executive decision to use my old standby, VistaPrint, to create some nearly-free tix for P4C. 500 tix for approximately $16 - You can't beat that with a stick.
Someone a long time ago turned me on to VistaPrint so I do the same at twists and turns when I hear that someone needs something to promote themselves.
Today's Middling City News lead off with (yes, a sobering photo of the casket of Tim Russert) a sordid tale of yet another teacher who's jumped off the Sanity Wagon and is in - or was in - hottest pursuit of a teen. In this case it's a femme forgetting hubby and kids to lust after high school boy. Perhaps, like Diana, hunting for that X Factor of her own teen desire.
Found yet another kitten, but this one is a very new vintage.
Black and white.
Some motor oil on right side of his body.
Fed him, of course.
Named him, of course.
Heady gave me a cat carrier so I can trap the little newbie and bring him to City Creatures for some medical attention, adjustments, and removal of oil.
His name, You ask.
Castro, of course.

Feline, synonymic Love.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Moments ago, minding my own freelancer's business, received a nice email from Al. Al, apparently, is really not running. For president, or for health's sake.
Al is giving the big thumb's up to Obama.
YT, thrilled, gave a little bit more moola to the Obama campaign, despite the fact that I did not get the go-ahead to dine with Obama a few months back.
As I told CatherineP at our teadate this fine a.m., I should have been more failing-rust-bucket-town-edgy.
Today, about 1 p.m., Yours Truly witnessed a classic End of the World Sky with dark gray clouds to the north.
YT contacted her northerly contacts to learn if they'd been barraged by storms, hailballs, furballs, or a blizzard.
Amherst Contact wrote back that she had to park under an overpass to avoid golf balls falling from the sky, that the leaves out there were snapped off of trees.
That cars have divots.
The Middling City avoided this weather drama.
YT in a few hours will be hitting the stage of Irish Classical Theatre Company to read a portion of Ulysses as it is once again BloomsDay.
James Joyce, like Samuel Beckett, denounced the constrictions of Ireland and headed to more Liberal Lands.
The Middling City Mayor is calling for a Turn Your Back on the Pump Day to ... stick it to the man. To stick it to the conglomerates. To stick it to the local businessowner already hanging on by an overtaxed thread.

Still, Al, Love.