Thursday, July 02, 2009

Yours Truly moments ago experienced a technical curio:
What in hell was Neil's Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show doing playing out of the website of a well-known band of hipsters.
How or why did Neil allow this, being the preeminent showman and perfectionist that He is.
Did he not realize that the Irony was flying in full force with his narrative tune the big brunt.
Well, as it turns out, YT had her pandora Neil Diamond station in the on position, and was looking at the site of the hipster band, not realizing the station was on.
It was ever so confusing and YT is relieved that Neil remains where he should be - in the Pantheon and not on some other band's site.


Just received this holiday wish from ChristineC:

Happy Fourth of July!!! May it not rain, and may there be Kielbasa AND Italian sausage served this year!!!

Very thoughtful as CC who not only sends a happy holiday sentiment but recalls that YT has told her that bien sur I love sausages as I am both Italian and Polish, creators of the world's best sausages ever.

And, to imagistically celebrate, at toppermost is my image made upon the visit by YT and AEDM to see a (miserable chop-job of Beckett words) production at Adam M Library and Dramatic Circle on Fillmore - FillMo to those in the urb.

YT does indeed love the pyro possibilities of this wack holiday, 7/4.