Friday, March 28, 2008

There was Yours Truly, ever minding mine own beeswax, as is my wont.
I knocked on the door of the photo portraitee in question and heard a Come in.
There before YT was this pup, a yorki-poo, one of those newfangled canine inventions, or amalgamations if You will.
YT quickly deposited both cam and laptop bag onto a nearby chair and got down to puppy business, rumpling this pup's ears, tossing her little pup toys.
It has been a delightful cavalcade of ports lately.
It is now time for YT to motor out to a gig, an event just off of the circular highways and biways that make nearly all a tidy twenty minute commute.
Began watching final act - number 5 - of Spike Lee's When the Levee Breaks, as it's being shown as part of the Whitney Biennial I thought I'd give this most important doc its viewing due.

Time to make, do, drive, and oso much more.
Fluffy, puppy Love.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A visual round-up of the lily-rich and squirtgun-rich holidays in the Middling City as of late. I speak, of course, of Easter and Dyngus Day, in particular.
Wended toward Broadway Market last Friday and, amongst images made, were of foodstuffs for sale - and Stella's Coat. Not Stella McCartney, presumably.
Went with parents last Friday to the Market and at one point walked through a wall of fish sea scent. And hyacinth scent, to balance. People walked about eating Polish food, and on the way out there was a table noted trying to save St. Adalbert Basilica - so we sped over there for a look and some images, in case it is closed forever and ever before Yours Truly gets a chance to document its craftworks.
Dyngus Day, of course, was a raucous, Mardi Gras-like festive assembly of MC people up for some dancing, mingling, squirting, swatting, and sausage eating.
Began DD at Central Terminal, meeting up with some of the Solid Gold Bookers. There saw a bunny couple dancing to Those Idiots, who also turned up at the next party on the agenda, Adam Mickey's.
Adam Mickey's is the best DD party around, with barroom out of the 50s, and back room jammed with dancers, live music, Polish buffet, and general mayhem.
Met a sassy kid there, Alicia, who tried desperately to get me to let her use my beloved squirtcam. To no effect.
The group shot is YT plus members of SGB (plus someone's beau) before we called it a proverbial, Perfect night.

Time to wend out to work and more pixels.
Perfect Pixel Love.