Thursday, June 25, 2009

Above, the latest from the Accidental Frame Series.
A steamingly hot Middling City shot definitely not made today, when the skies darkened and a lady at a nearby luncheon table eavesdropped and, panic-stricken, asked Jana and I if indeed we were correct and a tornado was a-blowin' into Allentown.


Yesterday Yours Truly ran - and I do mean ran - in 3" heels in the Second Annual Shoefly-sponsored .5K Stiletto Run with all proceeds going to a charity that researches ovarian cancer.
YT, being ever-practical, dressed sensibly, and had trained a bit.
Like as in wore 2" heels the day before for eight hours whilst trailing behind the new SUNY Chancellor, another Nancy. And no word if all is Perfect in her world.
She, it should be noted, did have her own set of pumps on, some see-through stilettos.
And bright red nails.
YT asked Vincenzo to wrap my ankles to prevent any breakage or wobble and it looked, when he was completely done, like I had spats on.
Charlie of BuffNews fame did a fab job catching ladies mingling about on the start line just moments before the starting gun. Really a noise device such as is used to clear campers out of the waterfront.

YT is hearing now that - hooray - the Supreme Court ruled that the search of the thirteen year old AZ girl "went too far" and there was an 8-justice majority. Souter: It was reasonable to search her bag, her outerwear, slim basis for strip search ... there is also a limited danger of ibuprofen, this was extreme, and wrong.

Off to a diverse night of attractions - the Spree Best Of shindig at Shea's, and then Walking with Dinosaurs. YT works on the Best Of issues, is a panelist that sits in on a handful of meetings discussing what is what, what is bestest, and toppermost in the MC.

Time time to fly.
Not run for a while.

Love of good decisions.