Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today is a merry string of hours, part of string of holiday weekend hours and days, that are lush, curious, newsy, and productive.

Artists & Models happens in one week exactement so this is a week of amassing props, readying the space I am allotted, making it all drunk/public-proof, and oso much more. Last year's installation by moi was several huge, drywall-panel-sized panels painted and I had a team of workers building bases for the paintings that were free-standing. I believe there were nine panels. Power tools were involved. I burned the tip of my right forefinger after attempting to screw a screw into a drywall panel. After that I left the power tooling up to others.

This inception of A&M Yours Truly is creating a - or recreating a - ward in a mental hospital, a sanatorium, a joint for mind adjusting under watchful care of two nurses - Jana and Annie cast as the ever-helpful nurses. Got the straight jacket in the mail yesterday, not a high-end model. YT realized in a flash that one could spend upwards of hundreds of dollars on very nicely crafted straight jackets. This model, via eBay, will work for four to six hours of random members of the general public getting strapped in. Hopefully.

Found this quote, in most recent VF, article about RFK and his mourning his bro.
It's from Shakey-Babe, his torrid teen love tale, Romeo and Juliet:

When he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he shall make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.

Somehow, rather unsurprisingly, do not recall this quote from the drama.

Someone very significant to Yours Truly, who has previously been dubbed an Art/Life Mentor, has become very ill over the past several months and has been waning. Less of self, less of laughing, less of bon vivant status, and we both knew (I believe) that something was seriously askew. And it is. Now that things are officially diagnosed it's time to treat, listen, give, research, and more.

On a slightly different note/path received the used Band of Horses disc via a nice seller on Amazon. Band of Horses was a recurrent band on Pandora and it was love at first aural gleaning, they along the high poetical lines of Galaxie 500, best REM early songs heard first in a Tokyo flat, best Mazzy Star beseechings, and Tim Buckley haunting.

Haunted Love.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So many minutes, so many newsbites.
Premierly, my former pubgig, Artvoice, previewed Artists & Models which Yours Truly is part of this pending 31st.
The theme of this year's A&M is Unhinged so YT is fashioning an insane asylum in which any prospective loonie bin customer may purchase a $10 Polaroid (extinct, I might add) of themselves strapped into a straightjacket and restrained upon a gurney.
I have my two bawdy nurses at the ready.
As well as my compensatory tequila.
And oso many props.

So here is the mention:

Nancy J. Parisi allows you to experience what it’s like to be strapped in a gurney in a mental ward, recording the episode with a Polaroid.

Did YT mention that the Polaroid is on the endangered list and is fairly worth the $10. Also, every purchaser will be made to partake of therapeutic arts and crafts and decorate a Polaroid folder that will hold their precious precious souvenir.

Moments ago the Middling City News phoned YT to inquire about my fab, annual Red Dinner. Seems several people living in these environs kept mentioning the party and now a reporter and photog will be showing up next week to give due mad props to this swinging affair completely fashioned as a mid-winter cocktail buffet as a milestone around the time of Saint Valentine's feast.

Feast of Love, Love.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This image is entitled "Accidental Frame, The Wedding at Night."
Made this past Saturday, You know, the Saturday upon which Yours Truly felt hypothermia coming on as the wedding was a tented one this past quite chilly weekend.
Afterwards, the hoopla continued with a smattering of kerosene heaters ablaze, that kind that toss heat up over the edge and along the metal Japanese rice paddy hats - allegedly heating a wide area around them.
The wedding featured a bridegroom who was green from the night before. He was hunting for aspirin or a pain reliever of any type. I told him that I had chewable Motrin in the car but that I would not rec it in his condition as it makes any ol' person want to gag and then ... You know.
There was also a Viet Nam vet at the wedding, a lady in gold spangles, and a fellow anti-Papist. I sat with the aforementioned, talking through dinner to the man on my right, the anti-Papist who was an altar boy in his earlier days.
He told me of a randy priest who got You know what On with a nun, and how the two would reek afterwards and how his young little nose had a nose for something randy going on.
It was the latter detail that nearly had me spitting out my twice-baked potato with mysterious orange topping.

After this wedding Deb had the very good timing of calling Yours Truly as I was on the highway heading back towards the Middling City. She was at a rollicking gig and invited me to join her et al, which I sensibly did.
Saw end of one band and beginning of the headliners.
Deb said demi-half band was called Road Buzz. At least that's what YT heard.
Later, whilst looking at an official type of roster in the MCNews saw that that band was, in actuality, called Rosebud.

Onwards at the moment to tackle the very high grass growing like a weed.
And the weeds are growing like themselves to boot.

Weedy, grassy Love.