Thursday, December 17, 2009


Minding my own business, as is my wont, made this image upon landing at The JFK and looking across at the vintage TWA terminal whilst waiting for Ellie's ride who would be carting Yours Truly into the Shiney Apple.
A snap, and a snap, and then a man in day-glo security vest approached YT to say that it was absolutely not alright to make any images of the TWA terminal.
YT was most surprised and asked the question that officers of all genres the world over are always indeed equally shocked to hear - Are you kidding.
No, he was not kidding.
So here is this image, made during the last art-seeking foray, and holiday card image making.
The image made and about to be mailed out embraces both serendipity, and the lighter side of the season.

YT just accepted a slot on Hilbert College's Board of Professional Advisors for their Digital Media and Communication for the next eighteen months.
Always happy to help disseminate all info of the dig variety.

Time to wend to Sweetness 7 for the YT-crafted Motown Holiday Feast from 7-10. Proceeds to a family in need on the west side.
Baked two varieties of cornbread, with buttermilk, for when does one get to pour a whole quart of buttermilk.

Love of Giving.