Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Museum - And the Whiff of Irony

In the inbox of yesterday came an advisory and gift suggestion from New Gallery on The Bowery - a first aid kit.
This is absolutely ironic as in the Summer of '08, while there with my beloved parents on a three-day arts and Resto Week extravaganza, my mother slipped and fell in New Museum and what was a lovely visit turned into something from the story boards of The Three Stooges.
My mother fell on their slippery concrete steps.
I saw the fall and ran to her, and instantly knew she'd broken something - from the angle (photogs get angles, amongst other fine points), and from having broken bones and experiencing that post-fall flu-like symptoms sensation.
I rushed to the so-called concession counter for some ice to make an ice pack.
There was no ice.
I was told that there was ice up on the top floor, off a conference room.
Can you get some, I queried.
Alerted by YT, a staff member went in search of A FIRST AID KIT and came up with nothing.
Finally a custodian showed up with some ice in a plastic bag, and a stretchy bandage was located.
There were no accident report forms and a half-sheet of paper was what was provided for information about the facts of the accident.
A get-into-New-Museum-free pass was handed to my mother, who promptly handed it to me.
My mother refused to go to the hospital, and (probably in shock) insisted she was alright, and we flew out later that night after a light dinner.
The next day she went to the hospital, was casted, went through weeks of physical therapy.
So now New Museum has created (rather ridiculous) first aid kits for renewing and new members.
Can't wait to tell my mom this later at the fam feast.

Just back from cheering onwards this year's thousands of Turkey Trotters, coffee in one hand, and a small and enthusiastic dog in the other.
Some stopped to pet said caninus fervidus, nobody (thankfully) wished to sip my coffee.

First call du jour:
Me - (sitting at laptop, looking over news, Googling Starbucks Elmwood then dialing)
Starbucks Employee - Hello, Starbucks, this is (blank), how may I help you?
Me - Hello? You're open? Thank god.
Starbucks Employee - Yup. (mumble)
Me - Bye.
Starbucks Employee - Goodbye!

Today is the birth anniversary of bon vivant/wise woman Gramma Vickie, and that of cousin MJ - of same creds.
What did these two share.
Yours Truly will tell you - the much-admired, oft-compelling trait of candour.
YT grew up in gorgeous Gramma Vickie-made frocks, with dolls in same, spending long springs or summers down south in Atlanta with Victoria and Ed and their magical garden of tropical lushness.

Ever-thankful for the ability to be thankful, gratitude the foundation for all.
Love, Thanks, Cheers.