Saturday, December 31, 2005

O, happy day.
Moments ago received a package from Bill down in the PA and much to my joy and amazement it is much-coveted venison jerky that I found a few times on non-aimless roadtrips and never could ever quite manage to find again, though I did look with racing eyes amongst the sad racks of mass-produced beef teriyaki product and such.
A whole pound of venison jerky is mine, mine, mine, mine.
I will share, however.
If You would care for a slice of deerly flesh cured and spiced up, just freakin' ask.
Resolution of new year: Meet Yoko Ono.
Off shortly to purchase some lobsters, dead.
With a gift cert from Perfect Mom & Dad I did purchase my first-ever Big Girl matchy-snatchy set of cookware (including 8-quart stock pot with fitting steamer ever-ready for lobsters and such but I'd rather buy them dead, maybe even beheaded). More about the pots: I do have a rag-tag assemblage of pots and pans that are excellent but needed more (some cast iron, some Le Creuset, some other heavy-enough-to-be-weapons items). These pots and such are not all related Le Creuset in that gorgeous sage green they have now - but they will do.
Oh, more than do, they will make, do, and be.
It has snowed out in the Middling City, one of those half-assed droppings just enough to make the wearing of suede boots or shoes not such a good idea but not enough to make some quality snow sculpture.
Parties as of late have been satisfying and far-reaching of cast of characters:
- Jamie and Paul Johnson held their final holiday party on Ashland in the Big House before they move to their improved row house around the corner. Paul has turned into quite a real estate mogul. At this party I was informed by one that he, in a cold meds haze, caught my Five Minute Video on cable access in the dead of night. I also saw Rockstar Tony there which was great, as was getting reunited with Hillary H, not to be confused with Hillary C.
- Loomis's parents - Ed & Joan - held that swingin' party up in Canada and the only bad spot was when she insisted on feeding the two fam dogs generous hunks of Stilton. As I informed her last night as we swung ourselves down to Hardware for yet more holiday action, Stilton is for Nancy, not for dogs.
- Was invited last night to Deb's for some of her supreme matzoh balls, and soup. What do I dig more than mballs+soup, fruitcake (for real), venison jerky. Well, alot, but hell, for literature's sake let Us say Not a dang-blamed thang.

Pyrotechnics of a New Year's Love.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I left the slippery to drive along the slippery to the even more slippery, steel bridge, to the party this strange winter night. I wended through woods and roads thinking I'd miss a sign but no and ended at the house somewhat familiar. There is nothing quite like the feeling of arriving at a party, of seeing faces through the windows smiling, thinking in a flash, in an entrance, in a scrape of boot, I will be joining, will be a guest, one of them.
I demanded a fireplace moment, Loomis made it happen as the logs had dimmed. I needed a full-on, full-view of a heap of logs afire. Maybe like others need gravlax, or a withering christmas tree, or cocoa. I needed the stinkin' fire this night and I got the fire.
I Got the Fire: The Nancy J. Parisi Story.
Amongst others tonight, as at last night's fete, I met a person who will catapult me into my new venture/adventures.
I am not delving into detail yet.
What I will say is that the nouveau Neil Diamond is Perfection.
What I will also say is that the new Mercury Rev is grand but track #7, In a Funny Way, is a song that gets Yours Truly SCREAMING with delight.
And that is always a delight, the delight of YT.
In a funny way I am ever your epinw correspondent.

Ever Love.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sometimes precautions backfire.
Not only might this be attributable for perhaps, for the sake of epinw argument, 10% of the planet's human population - certainly not that of bombus fervidus - but of belongings gone missing, good intentions and plans gone haywire.
sidenote: Yours Truly thinks that this haywire business might be yet another example of agrarian holdover in our lingua that we no longer recognize as such. And, I imagine, that haywire was a farmly article that could, from time to time, snap back, break loose, causing some sort of bodily harm.
YT is in process of a refinancing/reevaluating kind of thing. Amongst trudging duties is paying a wack of dough to have a building rescoped/reappraised. This meant an appointment with a stranger and an agent de moi suggested that, being a femme and all, a femme surveyor of scenes be used. So I do not confirm a theoretical reappraising situ for today but get a message from the femme in question that she'll be present and accounted for and accounting all things good & bad in a few, as in hours.
So this appraising femme shows up and she scares me.
As I told Kennedy if she had said Oh, I am a bounty hunter in actuality and do this property-related shit on the side I would not have questioned her burly faux-blonde figure at all. She clucked her tongue in a most peculiar manner, made odd comments, asked even odder questions, and was ever curt and snide, matching the demeanour at hand - or afoot.
She did not bother to open doors to things (hey, who the hell is YT to tell a bounty hunting appraisor how to do their gig) but instead would inquire as to what lay beyond or behind things. She did note decrepitude and such and when she left I felt a need to burn sage but had none so a quick vacuum of her bounty hunter bad vibes had to suffice.
Moral: bounty hunter types walk amongst us in a cornucopia of forms, including the mall-esque lady version, but if one is not a scofflaw one must only dodge verbal barbs, not TASERS.

Sage Love.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Two somewhat horrific things Yours Truly includes for dramatic and narrative effect.
For f-b*mb's sake, YT is a writer and may a: let It all hang out; b: investigate the incomplete and the effusive and the uncomfortable (related to a.); and c. narrate and dramaticize.
So, there YT is, in the midst of the familial portion of this holiday, this mid-Hanukah and Kwanzaa Eve = Christmas. The one with Jesus is the reason for the season, key player.
sidebar: Rio informed me, non-truthfully, that a banner hangs above her familial KY home stating same so that Santa knows that we are not heathens. I move along.
I am at the home where I was raised, so to speak, from age 2-20, before I hit the awaiting adult world that has led me, convolutedly, to this place. I am in that home, Christmas night. The place where my parents live, where I am from time to time bumping up against the past of me that is awkward and I would like to say jam-packed with familiarities that are pleasant but I cannot.
The usual hodgepodge, collage of the good, bad, adolescent, etc.
At some point in the holiday proceedings two highly evocative/awkward things happen.
The first is that, in the midst of one of my tales, my father claims that he has heard the tale-in-progress before. I question him. A few times. I realize that the only place he ever - ever - could have heard this traipsing and difficult tale was here, on epinw. epinw. My dad is an abashed epinw reader. For once he was busted he could not admit to anyone, even Perfect me, that he reads this daughterly blog.
The other horrendous thing was this.
When I was a child I wrote poetry beyond the abilities of a child but nonetheless I was still a child. When I was a child I lived at the home of my parents and discarded a few hand-written books of poetry written by me as a child into the ol' trash, to learn, in complete shock and horror, that these books had been dredged from the trash by my mother and were being not only read by her but read aloud to gatherings of her lady pals.
I have told, here and there, others of this not only lapse of judgement but lack of homestead privacy and tonight sat diplomatically as one of these high school books of pomes was again extricated from the archive, cracked open (I was catapaulted down memory lane when I saw the little Asian, hand-bound volume) and in-part read aloud.
I had to step outside of myself and say to YT OK, this is your mother and obviously she derives some happiness out of this and your ever-thickening skin can survive this newest fiasco.
What made an entire weekend of ebbing & flowing, self-congratulatory holiday smarm tolerable were a few final hours spent with old friends - Erin and Justy - at the newer Middling City joint of gatherings and such. And what really was the proverbial whipped cream and jimmies (if you go for that sort of thing) on the whole tasty escapade was a meeting-up with a woman - Peggy - in a wolfhead. I made her pinkie swear we could be pals. We did. She is the assistant to the director of the Salvador Dali joint in Florida, so close to the land of Papa and cigars and home to alligators and whatever else. Oh, that team.
So Peggy Wolfhead when saying goodbye opened up her plastic jaws and spread them atop my head and I let out my patented MeatScream that was perfected oso long ago by YT and Elba in the midst of Summer Camp Chaos. It is a from-the-toes kind of scream and one was emitted by Perfect me as the faux wolf had my scalp, stopping all action in the room, a similar sensation was being hit by that car whilst riding my bike, the feeling of being in a vacuum.
The moral of the story is this.
Every counter-intuitive event which cramps the soul and psyche and style needs an antithetical faux-wolf moment, a delicious and spontaneous encounter with grace and art and kindred joie-de-vivre.

Faux Wolverine Love.