Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You know how some dogs before they lay down go around and around first.
Well, that's me in my life.
So just said a guy sitting one booth over in famed Middling City diner Amy's Place where Yours Truly is multi-tasking, as usual.
Editing and pixel pushing, sipping coffee, picking tomatoes out of my lunch, and eavesdropping.
This guy just said this to a woman and they are either on a really miserable date, having an informal therapy session, or she is his thesis adviser.
She was also saying things like I can explain this but I need you to say something substantive.
Just made portraits of a man who has a cubicle. One of those archetypal gray cubicles that is not decorated.
Propped up the moment, bounced some nice light and voilĂ  - interesting locale.
More or less.
Then made some more ports outdoors under a ragingly vibrant early autumn sky as only the Middling City can muster.
Marveled at the account of Damien Hirst's Sotheby's auction yesterday, ironically the day a major banking institution hit the skids.
Hirst personifies Audacious. His sales were just over $127Million.

Sharks, diamonds, skulls, flowers, butterflies.
A magical, conjuring Art grab bag of iconography that YT will have to mine oso soon for Creativity's sake.

Grab Love, Bag Love.