Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Patti Smith and REM, two of the toppermost of this blogger's poppermost.
And do either Patti or the solid GA guys of REM give a damn about their inductions into the Hall of Fame in the Land of Cleves in OH?
There was, post-announcement, some alleged gushy quotes from Michael Stipe who was in London, about this rock honour and that he got a call from rock poet Patti saying big congrats and he got to congrat her back and isn't it just so supernuts being so super-famed and inducted.
Lest You have not been, here is my super-famed and inducted take on the R&R Hall of Fame, which I traipsed to several years ago for the John Lennon show which I did not regret.
You arrive and, as with all Cleveland lakeside attractions, there is efficency, and expense.
Not Middling City expense, but real, bona fide pay for the priviledge expense.
You ditch the car and meander into what could be a mall. A mall of music and high ceilings and windows and wondrous electronics and a cheesey stage in one corner and, if You are really lucky, there will be someone on the stage warbling, earnestly.
There are escalators and you might think of the Pompidou Centre but you can stop right now if You are. You escalate and have not paid any ransom and you might think Hey I am like so in but You are not. You still must pay and, when wandering amongst the attractions, the perma-collection, if You will, You will be overwhelmed by two, concurrent things.
The girth and age of several of Your fellow attendees.
Then it will possibly occur that Hell, this is a rather old genre, after all, I came along in nineteen-whatever and righto these folks were rocking around the clock a long while before that. So there's that.
Then you will see do-dads, trinkets, broken guitars, signed picks, signed jockstraps, signed pizza boxes, just about every thing signed and splintered and oso rock and oso roll.
You will begin to not only feel amazed like You're at one of those travelling curiosity shows maybe gleaned here and there in Life but you will be thinking perhaps a trip out to Seattle's Experience Music joint with the Gehry lines is in order.
So a telling thing is that the Rock & Roll induction gig with this year's all worthy and hexcellent inductees - Ronettes, VH, Run DMC, and aforementioned - happens in the Shiney Apple. Not over there down 90 in Cleveland. Not at the M/Hall of Fame, not in any other COH venue. The Shiney Apple, the city that is more rock than over there and, frankly, anywhere.
Long Live Rock. Long Live the Shining Shiney Apple.

Long Live Love.

Google the COH R&R Hall of Fame and a troubling message flits across the backlit world. Going to that site will harm your computer. Forewarned is forehappy.