Monday, January 12, 2009

The first jarring moment of the current - O mighty God merci beaucoup from the bottom of my wishful photog heart - but not for long (1.20!) presidential press conference.
His ultimate.

As I just commented on FB, I'm testing my strength to see if I might be able to endure this press conference without reaching for the remote/powerswitch/fusebox.

As EdC just commented on my FB status/comment

I have tuned out every one for the past 8 years; too painful to bear. But I'm actually leaving it on this time, savoring the fact that it's the last one we'll have to endure! I can't wait to have a President with a 3-digit IQ!

Sustainable cease fire.
To have a vision of what peace might look like.
Still listening. The ultimate.
Ooh, he finally got a femme journo's name right after six years he states.
She corrects him. Eight years.
He must have done something visually interesting as the photogs in the room just went trigger thrilled.

I couldn't do it. Why torture yourself? Only a week left!

So commented Jen Pinkowski.

I'm doing it, I'm a tough woman of the new millennium.

His words follow.
I'm concerned that in the wake of the Defeat (yeeha) the temptation would be to look inward and here's a litmus test we must adhere to. This party will come back.
Take for example the immigration debate, that's a highly contentious debate.
Republicans don't like immigrants, that's the message that came out.
They probably don't like me as well.
Our party has to be compassionate and broad-minded.

Late last message.

'Obamamania' gone wild!;)

says Victor Colonna.

Bush is seemingly really grooving on the members of the media, just verbally back-slapped a young male journo in the room.
Hard things don't happen overnight, Jake. Says Bush.

That is like so right.
It took quite a while for you and your ilk to really alienate, and for the right person for the era to come along with intelligence, grace, and charisma to not only inspire but to get elected.

This just in.
Last night my best dream was that I was doing an interview with Our President Elect.
He was so gracious, and effused such loveliness and an aura of tranquility that it was, even after waking, inspiring.

Harsh discord.
Alright, now he's claiming he's read a lot about President Lincoln.
Now he's paralleling harsh discord that was uttered about Pres v.16 as for him, v.43.
Onwards to 44.

Elected Love.