Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Color me pun intentional, and color me quite transfixed by this image made by Yours Truly that was once believed - wrongheadedly - to be better as black & white.
What the photon freak was YT thinking.
This is a sublime image in color.
And therein lies a happy, lovely discovery of today whilst applying in a somewhat delightful, frenzied half-assed artist fashion for a NYFA grant.
When YT got to the part about "Have you ever applied to this here federal arts awarding confection" YT got all flustered, not recalling if it was a yay - or nay.
So I said No.

My art statement was a blistering rendition and retooling of another arts statement of not too long ago. This time it seemed important to mention two of my huge influences in the special extra bonus cultural section - Ana Mendieta and Maya Lin.


Time to make and do some more.
Time to revel in that special energy that puts the bon in bon vivant - and head to Hallwalls for a nice evening of something raucous and experimentally jazz.

Onwards, Love - in heady arts statements and oso much more.