Saturday, November 29, 2008

(all this written whilst listening to downloaded concert - non-bootleg - of Iron and Wine gig at Babeville on 11/14 ... a lovely long fest of beauty)

And what in tarnation, You ask, is this, oh epinw creatrix.
It is the art trouvé, public art, that Yours Truly nearly stuffed into back of vehicle as a new art acquisition before Little Laura introduced some sense into the situ.
It's got rusty nails on the back, she said.
The mention of those stinking nails brought my hopes of owning now-defunct Rascals's Spag & Balls signage.
There are other gems waiting for an art connoisseur in the know, who loves outsider food adverts.
These are on panels about six feet long, Perfect for a big wall in a nice urbane kitchen.
YT already features on her cucina wall a swell formerly public art piece by the Art Guys. Also crowbarred a piece by them for Alan & Liz.
Somehow Little Laura and I were trapped in a vortex and could not seem to find an art opening so visited that classic other, non-defunct spag & balls joint, Santasiero's, for some sustenance to-go and wine not to go.
A sad-assed carafe of god only knows what.

Still to post:
Images from my wonderful art opening this past Tuesday featuring a cast of luminaries, as well as new work by YT, and work by Linda Gale, and Bob Schulman.
And cheese.
Of course.

Of to dinner plan and the World's Largeesssssst Disssssssssssco.
Boogie Oogie Oogie.

Boogie Oogie Oogie Love, Love.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Toppermost to undermost these are: Hand with Cyclamen Roping; Bulb, Roots with Aster Sprinkles; Driving Rain Hand; Homage to Aunt Marion; Bee, Smoke, Sage.

The new art.
There are ten pieces, actually eleven, split between Studio Hart and Neighborhood Art Collective - opening officially tomorrow and Friday, respectively.
Hung ten new pieces at Studio Hart this brisk Middling City morn with the other two artists, Linda Gellman, and Bob Schulman. With Dan Hart in attendance. He was impressed that I showed up with my own hammer, a holdover practice from two decades + of Artists & Models and other various installations.
+ duct tape, various nails, extension cord, chutzpah, and scissors.
Never forget the scissors for You will need them, guaranteed.
We four hung the work in a record hour and a half. As always work spread out along baseboards of a gallery never looks as good as when it takes art show form up on the walls.
Work is still lifes, and new hand work.
Thank you to Heady and Jeremy for their Perfect hands.
People have been asking to see the new pieces - here is a sampling of.
Forgot that not one and all are FaceBooking.

New Art, Love.