Thursday, April 07, 2005

Let us ponder sage in all its incarnations for a moment. There is sage the herb, who has a leaf most velvet and scent most intoxicatingly green. Used by the Native culture to wane the bad as the smoke believable as a cleanser. This practice followed by Your Beloved Truly, when the crap is knee-deep, or when the space is new - there is sage burning. Then there is sage as in wise wisdom, words of strong conviction that chases out the bad practice.
Got some sage smoke in form of words tonight from Brucey.
I have purchased too many seeds for the garden that I will ignore - sort of - all scholastic summer but it's the promise of the seeds and, as Rio says, it is the curse of the gardener to buy too many seeds. Nigella, tobacco, nasturtium, moonflowers, lobelia, bellflowers, more sweet peas. Each flower remindful of a person, like songs.
Sunday I have a poetry reading, asked by Celia to do so, as is an annual tradition that reminds me that Oh yeah, I do that.
Putting together my Support Team for the two months of X-Treme Travel and Erudition and have informed said Team they are to be UPUPUP, with nary a twist of YouBroughtThisUponYourOwnGoddamnedSelf *BUT* Stifi-like You Can Do This, no matter how canned.

Canned Love.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Excerpt from a true exchange.

Jennifer at Righteous Tea House (where no coffee darkens its menu, but is carried in by said Jen, a coffee addict): Dragon Ball, Nancy.
Yours truly: Yes, please.
Dragon Ball, for your information, is not akin to prairie oysters but is a fine Nihoncha, Japanese green tea, dig.
Plus there are no dragons. Just humans who are, metaphorically and behaviourally speaking.
As Irony would have it had to shoot the Middling City U's Wellness Fair and I asked several people manning brochure-strewn tables under festive little tents if they could disunwell me in my hayfebrile condition.
Pissed off an RN by shooting an image of her checking someone's blood pressure. NICE, HEALTHY ATTITUDE, I wanted to say to Nurse Bitcho. I asked for her name and she sneered like I haven't seen in quite some time. She finally gave up the freakin' name. Wanted to turn to her with my most saccharine countenance and say NOW, that wasn't so bad now, was it, Nurse Crabface.
Others were not so cranked-out at the wellness extravaganza. Next to the Soy!-obsessed lady were two people from two very mediocre MC restaurants, cranking out frightening-looking pasta dishes. Soy! lady's lame-o breakfast cereal samples could not compete with that odoriferousness.
Picked up a mini highlighter, a mini flashlight. Why things so mini so beloved at maxi fests, I do wonder.

Maxi & Mini Loves.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Spring. Reminiscent of Barry White classics. Bulbs poking up their green stuff, the smell of earth again and my allergies rearing their histamine-rich heads. Hi Spring, hi itchy eyes, hi stuffed nose. So time to buy that herbal crap with the marshmallow root, etc. etc.
Finally got the scanned music image project off to the Shiney Happy Mag, a triumph with fabulosic wall notes of sorts to boot.
Strove for balance - to show the depth, the depraved world that was Middling City music in the late 80s and early 90s. What an odd assortment of memories, what a cavalcade of faces, clubs, bands, styles, cocktails, shoes, cars, flashes of light from flashes and brilliance. And on and on to now.
So I've been booted off, firewalled out of my wi-fi scenario at Kennedy's and there could not be more troubling, mood-altering news. Hoping this may be an aberration, for who would miss a scant few wi-fi molecules to check one's email from time to time. Fercrissakes.
NYC in the headlights of planning for art, scholarly activities and all attendant moments = skipping lectures to see the world, visiting with friends divorced from scholarly world, and carefully planned cocktails.

Love's cocktail.