Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy uppermost personal computer awareness day.
Had a delightful gig moments earlier at a public school documenting the youth of today learning about the machinations of our collective noodles.
And what did Yours Truly learn/glean from today.
That we have more sensors in our fingers than most other places on our bods. That is how we are hard-wired.
And more.
While at the school saw MarcO, videographer, whose nuptials YT documented a while back. He was at a t.v. station and left for greener, more doc pastures.
YT tried hard to stay away from his roving lens.
Heard that YT was on the news a few weeks back, despite me asking the t.v. cam man to avoid me completely.
So much for requests.
Speaking of so, so Eliot has stepped down and David Paterson is in, as of Monday.
A questions lingers and hovers over the day:
How good, or how much better, is s.e.x. when it costs oso much more.
And, pray tell, as I questioned Liz/Cheryl/Polly last evening, what is the diff between a seven-star gal, and a three-star gal, so to speak.
Very sad about Eliot.
He who lives in a glass politico suite, guarded by staties and officious ladies, should not toss about partisan rocks.

Unrighteous, partisan Love.