Friday, March 14, 2008

Voilà an image that Yours Truly made during the '06 Empire State Democratic Convention, the multi-day, all-access pass event that took place in the Middling City's downtown.
This image, showing (as I write to my editors, from l. to r.) recently public undie-aired Eliot Spitzer, Bill, Denny Farrell, and new gov David Paterson.
This is during the speech of Hillary, and YT liked that Bill was so proud and so in the front row.
We can only wonder, cannot we, what Eliot has just whispered into Bill's ear.
Time to make and do ever more, before I head to the faux Wake with Annie, at that temple of Art Deco rock & roll magic, Town Ballroom, where Irish Classical is holding this interactive play.
Speaking of interactive, sent off my Artists & Models proposal for Unhinged, this year's incarnation v.21.
Look for further elucidations.

Lucid, puce Love, in Spring's honour.