Saturday, March 15, 2008

Photographed the Niagara Falls Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Hyde Park this fine morn, and Yours Truly pictured it in the snow and would-be grass. But nope, the children of Niagara Falls hunted for eggs on asphalt.
Got some shots of children and their loot, as well as the Niagara Falls Mayor gladhanding the E.Bunny.
Afterwards, intuited my way to Bada Bean coffeehouse to edit and sip whilst talking to Niman. I had been hunting for my own veritable easter egg, a functional diner, a tall tall order in NFNY.
There, off to the right was Bada Bean.
I'm heading into a place on Main near Pine, I instructed Niman, in case I turn up in chopped up bits on railroad tracks, the last place I was was Bada Bean. Bada Bean.
Niman said I will tell everyone that Nancy J. was a good person, a good writer, and a good photographer - I'll work on the eulogy.
That's Perfect, Yours Truly stated, and rang off.
Bada Bean was Perfect as well, with hefty wi-fi, good coffee, a decoupaged table with thee Lois Gibbs upon the tabletop, and a friendly owner who, after some conversation, told YT that she'd sold her Harley to purchase the gorgeous coffee maker from Venice.
The joint will be closing soon, she says, as the good people of NFNY prefer to get coffee from chains, she says.
I ate a salad there, it was excellent. Others came in, everyone was sad to hear that they would be closing their doors.
She is in the former La Casa Cardenas, or was it Gardenas, where KateK first took me after a gig for Castellani, and then YT went with Liz, and a few dates.
It was renowned for very racy, figurative murals, one with a thermostat right in the crotchal region of an Aztec warrior carrying a maiden.
The Bada Bean lady informed me that Elvis Costello, the day of his Rockin' at the Knox gig, was driving himself around and about and also intuited his way into there. She added that several bands of international fame come in when they're around.
After that headed back to the Ol' Sod, the OFW, to photograph Jerry Adams, who marched with Congressman Higgins - see happy marchphoto above.
Higgins introduced me to Adams mid-march and YT asked how long he was in town and if he'd be hitting McCarthy's. Answers: not long, and maybe.
Watched (and got teary-eyed, as is my parade wont), with Niman, CourtneyG and her pal Marty. And M's dog, Chloe. Who really howled at all the firetrucks.
Made more images of men with guns, men in skirts, floats galore, and more happy and important pups.

I LOVE a parade.