Monday, March 10, 2008

This image of Baird Point at winter dusk was made yesterday as the light was regally autumnal, golden, so at dusk there was that lovely convergence of gold and blue.
As my arms felt like lead after a mad shoveling spree I failed to blog about the certain joys of that winter task.
There is satisfaction in clearing the way for pedestrians, one's mailman, oneself, one's vehicle by tossing snow to and fro. I was about to liken it to the joys of tilling a garden but that is a real stretch of imagination.
Extra showed up for his lunch, myowing like a madman and again I had to explain that Yours Truly is NOT responsible for the precipitation. Come spring he will not praise me for the warm grass, or plentiful chirping of birds.
It is the season of greening, and asparagus, and corned beef.
Epicurious, lest You wonder, has a wondrous recipe for c.b. with a whiskey/marmalade marinade that YT has made several times - in March, bien sur.

Met with Louis d'AKAG today over a Zen lunch at TruTeas and all went well.
On the October docket: One rollerskating soirée that is open to the public, per my request, and their complementary desire.
Oso many details to follow.

Speaking of details, most shocked and sad to hear of a breaking news story regarding our Empire State's gov.

Onwards into the imminent gold meets blue.

Colorful, vernal Love.